Bakersfield – OTR

No, it really IS official – I’m the last Cincinnati blogger to eat here. 😉 But, hey, some of us have to see how they’re doing 2 years later, right?

I gauge all Mexican restaurants to my favorite, Nada.  In my eyes, Bakersfield had some pretty big tortillas to fill.

The husband and I wanted to eat a smidgen early to beat the crowds – we got there around 4:30 and didn’t have to wait. Nailed it. I will have to say though, if you’re a twenty something girl – please wear something different than the rest of your peers. The husband and I were laughing at the predictability of the long floral dress.

For an OTR restaurant space, it was well laid out. The bar made sense and even there aren’t a ton of tables, you aren’t banging into everyone (Hello, Senate!) I need a few inches of personal space.

We ended up sitting at a picnic table with 3 other people on the other end. It doesn’t bother us – the husband and I are chatty people. We kind of (okay, REALLY) enjoy it. Plus, we got to scope out what they were eating.

I LOVE (love and love!) that the menu is simple. I, firmly, believe that if you have an awesome food concept, menu and ingredients, you don’t have to have a menu that’s a book. Simple is my friend.

Hmm…first thing to do at a Mexican restaurant? Order a margarita!

Bakers margarita

Love that it’s in a mason jar. Love the tartness and freshness. And, love that it was only $6.

Guacamole – I am a picky bitch when it comes to guac. The husband doesn’t eat guacamole so I guess it was up to me try it alone.

Bakers chips and guac better

It was damn near perfect. It had lots of lime (which I love). My 2 complaints – needed a smidgen more of finely chopped red onions and needed to be a little less chunky. I like chunky guac but you have to be able to fit the chunk on a chip. Made for bad dunking.

The chips were fine – not up to Nada’s deliciousness. They reminded me of Chipotle’s chips.

We also got some Queso (with jalapenos)

Bakers queso

My husband adored it and thought it was the best queso we’ve ever had. I did like it – but, it needed to be whisked out a little more. The cheese was a wee bit lumpy. I loved the skillet presentation.

Okay – what the husband ate…

Short Rib Torta

Bakers short rib torta

He loved it! I took a bite (after one of my tacos) and it was damn good.

He also got a Chicken Tostada

Bakers chicken tostada

If there was a loser of the night, this was it. I didn’t take a bite. I’m not nearly as obsessed with tostadas as my husband is. He said that if it weren’t for the black beans, it would have been awful and boring.

What did I get?

Well, you know that I got a fish taco!

Bakers fish taco

I wouldn’t turn this fish taco down…ever. The fish was perfect – lightly breaded and super crispy. My complaint? Way too much cabbage. Although very good, it wasn’t as good as Nada’s fish tacos.

My other taco – the Conchinita Pibil (say that 5 times fast)

Bakers Conchinita

That, my friends, is a damn perfect taco. Seriously – off the charts. It was tender, fantastic flavor and good heat – and I love the addition of pickled onions (strangely enough, that’s why my husband didn’t like it – the freak).

I loved Bakersfield. I kind of feel like I’m having an affair on Nada because I, now, put them both in my favorite Mexican category. Based on price point alone, I would choose Bakersfield. Holy crap, I can’t believe I just said that.

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