Harrison Family Restaurant

I’ll admit – there was no way that I was going to Harrison Family Restaurant (where the old Perkins used to be) when there wasn’t a dedicated sign. Sorry, I don’t go to restaurants with cardboard handwritten signs in the window.

Snobbery over.

We went for a Sunday lunch (sorry, no website) – it’s set up just like Perkins used to be. Lots of space.

The menu was typical diner fare – sandwiches, breakfast, some “traditional” dinners (meatloaf, pasta, etc). Nothing crazy or fun – basic.

The husband has been on a diet so he asked if he could get egg whites or egg beaters substituted in the omelettes. Our server said no because it would be too difficult for the kitchen. Uh…okay.

So, he ordered the Chicken Delight (odd name choice, btw). He asked to replace the corn with extra grilled onions and peppers. This is what he got.

Harrison Chicken Delight

You can see how well that worked out for him. I guess the kitchen comes from a place of HELL no. He also ordered a salad that never came out (he was giving it to our daughter). We reminded our server and it came out with our main food.

Harrison side salad

It did have homemade croutons. With a crapton of iceburg lettuce and some nasty cucumbers (I hate cucumbers).

The rest of our meals all came with a complimentary cup of soup (it was chicken and rice that day). My kids refused it. I got it.

Harrison soup

I’m going with canned.

The boy got a cheeseburger (surprised?)

Harrison Cheeseburger


He liked it.

The girl got a Chicken Ranch Wrap

Harrison Wrap

She ordered the chicken crispy but it came out grilled. She said it was good (but not as good as my wraps…)

I ordered the BLT double decker.

Harrison BLT double decker


It was fine – way too much lettuce. The fries were really frickin’ good (that we ALL agreed on). They were coated seasoned fries (like rally’s).

It was what you could expect from a diner. It still depresses me the lack of good restaurant choices that Harrison has. If I had the money (and the energy – I’m 39, people!), I’d totally open a restaurant there!



4 thoughts on “Harrison Family Restaurant

  1. I work there and yes we do egg white omelet ,sorry for you bad experience that you had with us but I think that the waitress didn’t tell you the truth that we do egg white omelette,egg beaters.Please if you can let us know which waitress it was ,because this is not the first time that the costumers asking us for food that we already have them and some waitress just don’t do their job we’ll,I’m sorry again please give us another try😄

  2. Nice place to eat overall. Been there several times. It’s been hit or miss, though. Baked potatoes are huge when they have them. Have run out even before 4:30 several times even as part of a special. I don’t order specials anymore since the meatloaf one was absolutely awful. Canned veggies, boxed instant mashed potatoes, and the meatloaf was thin and dry, worse than a frozen meal. Very boring. My date and I each ordered it, and the bill was over $30. Not acceptable. Spaghetti is excellent as well as the omelettes. I ordered mine with egg substitute with no issues. Pies are good also. I think the quality is best ordered off the menu separately and if you stay away from the specials.

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