Marion’s Piazza – Mason

Talking with some mom friends, we were chatting it up about our favorite pizza. Of course, opinions ranged. (I’m, typically, on an island of my own with my hatred of Larosa’s) I have some favorites and I’m really not in the camp of ANY pizza is good pizza. I’m picky. By the time the discussion was over, we decided to have a GNO (that would be Girls Night Out) at Marion’s Piazza.

It’s a Dayton thing. And, judging by the reviews I was reading, the Daytonites were VERY adamant about their love of Marion’s. I get it. I’m a Cincinnati girl – I battle it out about Skyline all the time. (the whole “real” chili thing – ugh) Bottom line is…I still need for the pizza to taste good, not just for nostalgia reasons.

I will agree that the whole line system is one giant clusterpluck. It works for a college town but for the land of rainbows and unicorns (that would be Mason), is it really necessary?

You order your pizza in one line. Drink in another. (paying separately for both). No refills. You can get fountain, canned, 2 liters or pitchers. Damn, make up your soda pop mind, Marion’s! It would make MORE sense (call me crazy) to pay for your drink in the same line as the pizza and maybe get a ticket for your drink?

One good thing is that there is a ton of seating – which served our GNO well. We could, easily fit, away from everyone else and chat away.

After looking over the menu for, oh, a few days, I decided to get the Marion’s Super Cheese. (Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Onions and Green Peppers topped with a mound of cheese)

Marion's Super Cheese

It looked promising.

Marion's closer

I took a lot of pictures because when I was menu and review stalking, there weren’t ANY good pictures. None. I blame the cell phone for the decline of picture quality.

The crust was thin and crispy -which I love. Everything else…was bland. Nothing, not the sauce, the toppings, the cheese, tasted like anything. And, the veggies were canned. Come on. How hard is it to cut up some fresh mushrooms?

Marion's super close

It wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t the worst pizza that I’ve ever had. It was fine – it didn’t stop me from eating half of it. (hey, it was a small and they cut it up into baby pieces) But, will I drive 35 minutes to get it again? Um, no.

However, my GNO chics made the whole drive worth more than while. 😉

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