Noodles & Company

You know us westsiders get excited when ANY new restaurant comes here. Granted, I thought Noodles & Company was an odd choice, given our society’s hatred of all things carb and gluten.

I got the boy – yes, the PICKY ASS boy! – to go with me for lunch, last week. I’ll admit, their menu isn’t that exciting. But, I needed a lunch date and he’s the only person in my house without a job. ūüėČ

It was VERY crowded at noon – of course, summer’s here and kids are everywhere so…There was a nice lady describing Noodles & Company to everyone coming through the door. Being as I can read, I went to the line.

There’s noodles – a couple sandwiches and salads. Eh – I should probably say that as much as I love my carbs (and gluten!!!), I just don’t normally eat pasta. It’s fine – but, there needs to be something REALLY special on it for me to love it.

The boy didn’t get the mac’n’cheese like I thought – he came out of the picky gate with the Spicy Chicken Caesar Wrap (no sauce)

Noodles Spicy Chicken Caesar Wrap

Quoting the boy, “Isn’t there supposed to be chicken on the chicken wrap? It’s all salad.” (to us humans that would be LETTUCE)

It, also, came with a salad…interrupting myself here! I asked for ranch dressing ¬†– they didn’t have it. I get it. You’re trying to get people to eat different asian inspired dressings BUT if your only side (minus soup) is a salad, you should probably have just one dressing that is pleasing to the masses. Me? I can eat any dressing and it doesn’t bother me. But, most people are dedicated to their dressing type.

Plus, when your side salad looks like this…you should probably give people more salad dressing choices.

Noodles side salad

Mmmm…what a fun salad.

I got the Japanese Pan Noodles with shrimp

Noodles Pan Noodles


Where do I start? Not enough sauce. Not enough shrimp. The broccoli and carrots weren’t even cooked. SUPER crunchy – like, breaking teeth crunchy. ¬†The noodles were pretty much tasteless. ¬†There was not a single thing on that plate (minus the shrimp) that was good. And, please explain the purpose of frickin’ sesame seeds to me??!! They serve NO purpose – please quit putting them on stuff!

The ONE redeeming factor of this whole trip? The Rice Krispie Treat

Noodles Rice Krispie Treat

It’s a wonder he still loves me.

My advice for Noodles & Company? Skip it.

Noodles & Company on Urbanspoon

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