Ciao Bella – Destin

*Compilation from all Destin blog posts – sorry if it seems random and out of order*

Review 1 – 2011

We were tired. We just pulled in from a 12 hour drive. We wanted to unload our stuff, maybe pee real quick and EAT. First on our list – was Ciao Bella. One of our absolute favorites! We’ve been here, maybe 6 times, and love it each and every time. (We also had some Ciao Bella virgins with us!)

Hands down – the BEST dipping oil EVER. Garlicky and spicy – slightly fruity with the extra virgin olive oil. So delicious – seriously, THE dipping oil that every dipping oil should aspire to be! The bread, eh – I doubt it’s baked there. Just average. AND – I think that it should be included with every meal but I don’t make the rules of the restaurant so…so much for that!

Our meals…

Cheese ravioli

chix parm sand

Fett Alfredo

meat pizza

Chicken Catt

And, what I ate…well, what my daughter and I split (she picked and did a FINE job!)

penne cio something

Can’t remember the name of what I got – and our server couldn’t pronounce it anyway, but it was TASTY. A slightly spicy, creamy tomato sauce – the sausage was perfect, the pasta was perfect and I actually ENJOYED it and thought that it was worth the $. (I have issues with spending a lot on pasta!)

LOVE Ciao Bella and HIGHLY recommend it!

Review 2 – 2012

Yes, we, usually, go the first night in. I wanted to switch things up! Ciao Bella is in the Outlets, on a corner. Which could lead some to believe that it’s not good – I’m not the some people. Still LOVE it.

The boys split a Cheese Pizza

Sorry for the blur – I love Ciao Bella, but it’s not the easiest place to take pics in. LOTS of sun.

The big boys got a pizza, too – Del Pastore

Penne Ciociara (that’s what I got last year!)

And, I got the Penne Carbonara, this year

It was YUMMY. One of the best things I ate all week. Nope, not seafood, but tasty all the same! Bacon, people. It had the BACON!

And, of course, the infamous dipping oil and bread.

And, again, I’ll repeat – the table (the whole table) should get bread and dipping oil. I don’t think Ciao Bella listens to me.

Ciao Bella Pizza da Guglielmo on Urbanspoon

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