The Back Porch – Destin

*This is a compilation of all my Destin food blog posts – sorry if it seems random and out of order*

Review 1 – 2011

We were ready for some ocean food – since we were well-rested and ready to go on Day 2. So, off to The Back Porch we went…

No – not a very good or interesting picture but I am a sucker for all things “lime”. This drink is so damn tasty. It tastes like key lime pie…but daiquiri form! My absolute favorite drink while in Destin!

I’ve been reading about the infamous Destin smoked tuna dips, that circulate around there – but have never tried any. Decided to give The Back Porch’s a whirl. It was good – sort of like a glorified tuna salad, sort of pate-like. It needed more crackers (which we did request).

That is the Seafood Gumbo that is voted the best in Destin – I thought it was just okay.

angus burger

Blackened Mahi

Blackened Mahi 2

Crab and Spin Dip

Crab Cakes

Above is mine – I was craving some really delicious, seasoned, peel and eat shrimp…those were NOT it. They were boiled poorly and had zero seasoning on them. I ended up eating part of my daughter’s crab cakes!

I deem The Back Porch’s food as average – nothing that gets me excited (minus the key lime freeze) but, you can’t beat the scenery. It’s ON the beach and you eat and hear the waves at the same time. Might be booted from my list.

Review 2 – 2012

We got to The Back Porch, fairly early – maybe 5:30? Got sat right away – and, this was our view…

Yes, I’m ready to hunt leprechauns, baby!

First order of business…order the drink!

Oh, how I’ve missed you, Key Lime Freeze. It was, oh, so tasty. The simple things, people.

My bestie, M (to protect her identity), ordered a Pina Colada and my daughter, ordered a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade.

Pina Colada

Frozen Lemonade

We are in Destin – we have drinks. We are happy. Well, I am.


We had a waiter. He was very busy. It wasn’t bad service but I wouldn’t call it excellent either. It was “eh”, which is kind of par for the course, in Destin.

Run down…(and, I swear, pictures will follow, eventually)

Hubs ordered (and split with the girl), the Crab Cake Dinner.

Other items…

Chicken Sunset

Blackened Mahi

Grouper Destin

Grouper Florentine

That was mine. Okay – The Back Porch isn’t on my “love” list. It goes on my “eh” list. It has location going for it and the tasty drink, but, that’s usually it. HOWEVER, my Grouper Florentine was really damn good. Probably, one of the better things I ate all week. I was surprised.

One disappointment is that they got rid of corn on the cob – they have some odd corn/lima bean succotash. My son was peeved. Being as he associates The Back Porch with corn on the cob eating!

Review 3 – 2013

Day 5 – (our besties arrived!!!!) The Back Porch

My fav frozen drink – Key Lime Freeze

Back Porch key lime freeze

Okay, since there are many of us, now (7), you’re just getting a rundown of the food and I’ll let you know what I got, at the end!

Stuffed Mahi

Back Porch Stuffed Mahi

Crab and Spinach Dip

Back Porch Crab and Spin Dip

Bacon Cheeseburger

Back Porch Bacon Cheeseburger


Back Porch Cheeseburger

Kid’s Grilled Fish

Back Porch Kid Grilled Fish

And, MINE – Grouper Florentine (yep, what I got last year!)

Back Porch Grouper Florentine better

It was delicious, again! However, that succotash crap, REALLY needs to go. I think most restaurants, in Destin, need to revisit their sides. Seriously, how many steamed potatoes and corn, and hush puppies and fries do I need?

Review 4 – 2014

The only reason that I like the Back Porch is because it signals our besties first night in! That’s it.

Our server was cranky. You could tell that she was pretty much over the summer season. She was about 5 seconds from an attitude adjustment throat punch. 😉


Back Porch Burger

Grilled Fish (of some sort – sorry, days are running together!)

Back Porch fish 2


Back Porch Fish

Kid Crab Legs

Back Porch Crab Legs

Peel’n’Eat Shrimp

Back Porch Shrimp

Fried Pickles

Back Porch Fried Pickles

Seafood Nachos

Back Porch Seafood Nachos

The girls and I split some apps. Hmm…the shrimp was underwhelming. No spices. The pickles were average. And, the seafood nachos were downright nasty. Shredded fish was the leading flavor there.

If you want a great view, this is your place. If you enjoy crap food, this is your place.

Back Porch Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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