The Black Pearl – Fort Walton Beach

*This is a compilation from my Destin blog posts – sorry if it seems random and out of order*

Review 1 – 2011

Because I am a dork – I was immediately sucked in to a restaurant, called, The Black Pearl. Yes, the whole pirates bit. I wanted to go last year but got voted down! So – this year, I demanded that we go.

Okay – it was delicious but not nearly as delicious as Ciao Bella’s bread and oil. Well, just oil, really. I think that they might use the same bread company! This dipping oil was very good – I like the addition of the Parmesan. BUT – it need the garlic kick that Ciao Bella’s has! (BUT, it came WITH the meals…hear that, Ciao Bella?!?!)

Cannonball Shrimp...

Absolutely YUM – one of the best things we ate all week. Sort of reminiscent of Bonefish’s Bang Bang shrimp. The shrimp were HUGE, perfectly cooked, crispy and the sauce was delicious (could have used a little more)


My daughter got the crab legs – a TON of crab for $21! She claims that they were delicious – cracking easily and not in the least bit soggy. (guess it has to do with the wood firing and all)

NY Strip

Pearl Platter

Shrimp Scampi

I got the above – Sunset Platter maybe? It was on the early bird special – Mahi, scallops and shrimp. It had lots of hopes and dreams of being delicious, but just wasn’t. The Mahi was horribly dry, the scallops were rubbery – the shrimp were very good. I tried the cajun mac’n’cheese – it was delicious!

I would go back to The Black Pearl again BUT – it’s not on my MUST list.

Review 2 – 2013

After settling into our condo, I asked the family, where they wanted to go to eat. I mapped out the next 13 meals, so I thought that I’d toss them a bone. I KNEW that they would pick McGuire’s. I would lose that bet. My girl wanted crab legs and the boy didn’t care – they picked The Black Pearl.

Day 1 – The Black Pearl 

I really have no issues with The Black Pearl – it DOES take a hit on most of the review sites but, personally, we’ve never had any problems. It’s in FWB (that would be Fort Walton Beach – I’m not typing that again!), so we had to take a jaunt across the bridge.

Oh, wait – before I REALLY get into it, let me talk about service. We had REALLY great service ALL week. There was a restaurant that I didn’t like (look for it later!) but service wasn’t the issue. I know I complained about service, the past couple of years, but this year, the south totally redeemed themselves! 

Okay – back to The Black Pearl

First day in, I’m getting a drink – Lava Flow, baby!

Black Pearl Lava Flow

Nothing says vacation, like being on the beach, cool breeze, my family…and a strawberry filled pina colada. Yum!

Bread for the table

Black Pearl Bread

Mike got the Sunset Platter (he’s such a girl, sometimes)

Black Pearl Sunset Platter

Maddie got her Crab Legs

Black Pearl Crab Legs

There IS something, really delicious, about their crab – they wood fire them…so they don’t get waterlogged. The shells are nice and crispy!

Mikey got his first steak of the trip – Tenderloin Medallions

Black Pearl Filet Medallions

I got the Blackened Mahi Sandwich

Black Pearl Blackened Mahi Sand

It was REALLY delicious – the fish was cooked properly and the bun wasn’t super hard, like ciabatta can be. Even the fries were tasty (coming from me and my attitude about fries, that says a LOT).

I’m going to have to give The Black Pearl a YUM, this year. But, I’m a little peeved that they did away with the Cannonball Shrimp.

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