Avocados – Cheviot

I love Mexican food. And, I love small, local businesses.  I was pretty excited that an independent restaurant, Avocados (no website), opened up right in our back yard. Believe me, as a westsider, I’m still waiting to be impressed by local eating.

Saturday, early evening, the husband and I used our cheat day as an opportunity to try some new eats. When we walked into Avocados, it was us and one other table (and, this is a pet peeve of mine…about 3 servers were out front, smoking). But, with it being so slow, I was hoping for some good service and great food! 😉

I wish I could say that both happened. Really, I do. I don’t like giving bad reviews to local owned restaurants but…here we go.

Service was just slooooow. We had to ask for a couple of items 2X. When our food was up, I heard the bell ringing to “come get it” about 5X (although our server was lounging up front, by the computer).

Food? Well, for being so-called “authentic”, the menu looked just like most other Mexican restaurant menus. Yes, they have tortas and street tacos (I’ll get to that later) but everything else was pretty much the same old, same old.

Every table gets chips and salsa

Chips and Salsa

Chips were pretty average. (not Nada awesome!). Light and crispy. Salsa was  boring – needed just a smidgen of a kick.

Because it was our cheat day, we ordered some Chorizo Cheese Fries. (that was a husband pick)

Chorizo Cheese Fries

The chorizo was good – but…it’s chorizo! 😉 Queso was kind of bland – not bad, just nothing special.

The hubby got a burrito (it was between that or a chimichanga)


Sorry – the burrito is buried! He said that it was all okay. I tried a bite of his beans – they tasted like they came right from a can.

I love me some street style tacos – but, right off the bat, I was skeptical. EVERY taco listed had the same toppings on them. Cilantro and onions. Okay…not even going to try to expand the taco tastes?

Baja Fish, Shrimp and Carnitas Tacos


Probably can’t tell the difference, can you? The fish tasted just like fish, no seasoning or marinade. Same with the shrimp. Even the carnitas flavor was hiding somewhere (not in my taco) And, again with all the same toppings.

Also – notice what’s missing (and what I love)? GUACAMOLE!

I ordered guacamole. The server smiled and said okay. But, when the food came out, our non-server told me that they were OUT OF guacamole!

Um, there are 2 tables in the restaurant and I doubt you had a rush before 5PM. And, your restaurant is named AVOCADOS?!?!? How the hell are you going to be out of the ingredient that your restaurant is named after?

Pretty much, after that point, I was all done with them.

Bad service. Non-interesting menu. Average food. And, out of  items(aka: probably too expensive to make or didn’t feel like making it for the day).

The husband and I were disappointed that we wasted a cheat day on this. So  sorry Avocados – won’t be back again. I’d rather drive downtown to Nada or Bakersfield.

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One thought on “Avocados – Cheviot

  1. This place is the worst. Literally a hungry man microwave meal tastes better. A Taco Bell taco supreme is better and more authentic. The fact you said its okay seriously says something about your tastes. I wouldn’t feed this stuff to my dog

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