Betta’s Italian Oven – Norwood

The husband and I are always on the hunt down for good pizza (don’t even think of saying Larosa’s to me!). Since he got to pick food for our “cheat day”, he steered us to a little restaurant that he used to frequent for work lunches – Betta’s Italian Oven.  I’m always down for Italian (especially wood-fired pizza!)

It’s quaint – just enough space. A big old fiery oven greets you. 🙂

My attention was totally on pizza. And, maybe garlic bread. And, I could have been eyeballing the meatball hoagie too. But, I was staying strong with my pizza choice.

The food…

Our besties ordered Calamari

Betta's Calamari

We ordered Garlic Bread with cheese (okay, I lost that battle of will there)

Betta's Garlic Bread

Um – yum. I suppose I’ll get yelled at for saying that the marinara was too chunky, right? But, I was totally into the crusty, garlicky, cheesy goodness!

Italian Sausage Hoagie (that was my girl bestie)

Betta's Italian Sausage Hoagie

Meatball Hoagie (that was the husband’s choice)

Betta's Meatball Hoagie

AND he got a Diavola Pizza (he’s not very good at making up his mind)

Betta's Diavola Pizza

I did steal one bite of his hoagie – the bread was REALLY good. Nice and crusty on the outside, a smidgen chewy and soft on the inside. Needed much more cheese. And, I’m not a fan of the potato chips as the side. The husband told me to zip it about my potato chip issue. 😉

Our boy bestie got a Pepperoni and Bacon pizza

Betta's Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza

My teen boy got a Cheese Pizza (he’s, oh so, predictable)

Betta's Cheese Pizza

I got a Pepperoni, Green olive and Goat Cheese Pizza

Betta's my pizza

I loved loved loved my pizza. Thin and crispy crust – I liked the taste of the fire. When you got to the crust, it was crunchy but still had layers. I would have preferred a little more flavor with the sauce. But, goat cheese will make me happy, no matter what it’s on. 😉

We got a lot of pizza – our server told us that pizzas were  10 inches and I’m not sure what size we had in our heads. We pictured smalls. They were big – like a medium pizza. I took some home, obviously!

By the time we left, there was quite a line of people stacking up! Fabulous pizza – I will definitely be back when the pizza craving hits! We ALL enjoyed Betta’s!

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5 thoughts on “Betta’s Italian Oven – Norwood

  1. Certainly the very best sausage parm in Cincinnati, and arguably (there a lot more contenders in this field) the best meatball parm in Cincinnati. I recommend asking for (at added cost) the in-house-roasted red peppers to be added to either of those two sandwiches. I am not nearly as big a fan of the pizza there, despite the woodfired oven.

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