Baba Shawarma Grill – Cheviot

Yes, send out the search dogs. I’ve been missing. Seriously, from about the first weekend of November and New Year’s, I’m too busy to even breathe most days. So, blogging is out of the question.

I did, however, go on a gyro hunt, for a lunch, a couple of weeks ago. I was craving some lamb (yep, that can happen, I swear). Baba Shawarma Grill (no website), in Cheviot, has gyros for $3.99 on Mondays. Hey, being as I pass by there, almost weekly, to go to the comic book store (don’t ask), I was ready for some gyros.

I went through the drive thru because I’m lazy. The cashier was super friendly – and was wearing all sorts of greek jewelry. I was hopeful that not only the gyro would be good but that they would nail the tzatziki sauce.

I ordered a Gyro (of course) with a side of Greek Fries.

Shwarma gyro

Shwarma Greek Fries

I really loved the Greek Fries – it inspired me to make my own. 😉

The gyro – I had mixed feelings. The lamb and pita were both really tasty. There was lettuce on it – lettuce does NOT belong on a gyro. And, the tzatziki was a huge disappointment. Way too much dill – I could hardly taste any cucumber.

I did enjoy my meal…until about 3AM hit and I got a big, nasty stomach ache. No puking was involved but I felt like lead had taken up permanent residence in my stomach. I’m not sure if the 2 are related but I don’t know that I’d want to chance it.

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