Django Western Taco – Northside

You know I love my Mexican. I’ve heard great things about Django‘s Shrimp Taco. Hey, I’m always down for shrimp tacos. (or ANY taco) Right before Christmas, I got a cincysavers email for Django = score!

Now that the husband and I are able to have a normal life again, Saturday night date nights may commence once more.

I liked the ambiance of Django – it was simple yet still slightly trendy. Open kitchen. Friendly servers (seriously, she was awesome!). Lots of smiles. Big open window so you can see what’s going on in the neighborhood.

I loved the simple menu – I hate when restaurants have a big book full of choices.  But, with having a simple menu, you better bring it.

We were brought some Chips and 2 sauces (green and smoky habanero)

Django chips

The chips had a dusting of seasonings – at first, it was fine. But, after the first few, it was just ick. The green sauce was pretty good. I wasn’t a fan of the red – I can’t handle things if the smokiness takes over.

But, I did wash those down with a YUMMY (and it was!) Honey Margarita.

Django Honey Margarita

And, you know that I was getting Guacamole!

Django guacamole

It needed to be chunkier. Needed more lime and more salt. Take those damn radishes out of it, too. But, they did give me a ton of guacamole. Which is rare.

The husband got the Queso Chorizo

Django Queso

Okay, I’m a huge fan of queso (who isn’t?). I’m a huge fan of chorizo. This was just awful. Some chorizo. A sprinkle of queso. And, potatoes (yes, we read the description). The taste was very off-putting. They really need to revamp that stuff.

Husband’s tacos – Shrimp and Pork tacos

Django pork and shrimp tacos

The tacos on the left and right are the 2 shrimp. The middle is the pork. He loved the shrimp – like, couldn’t get enough of it, regretted getting the pork, loved it. He did like the pork. He was just that in love with the shrimp.

I got a Shrimp Taco and a Beef Taco

Django shrimp and beef taco

I ate the beef first, just in case the shrimp spoiled it for me. I really liked the beef – it had great flavor. I do wish that the horseradish sauce was a little stronger. The sizes and the corn tortillas were perfect. The shrimp taco was awesome – super crispy fried shrimp combined with the sweet chili sauce and the smooth goat cheese was just a fabulous combination.

We, also, split a piece of Jalapeno-Bacon Cornbread

Django cornbread

It was okay. I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I would have enjoyed it more if there wasn’t bacon in it. The bacon didn’t add anything to the taste or texture.

I was so full I was going to die.

Which is why we got dessert.

Django dessert

The cinnamon chips were fantastic – the chocolate dipping sauce was super rich. Could only handle a tiny dab on each chip. (I would have preferred a raspberry sauce but realize that I’d be seriously out-voted on that choice)

As a whole, I would rate our dinner as average. I wasn’t overwhelmed and wow-ed. The best things were the margarita and the beef and shrimp taco. Would I choose Django over Nada or Bakersfield? Hells, no! But, I wouldn’t turn it down if someone asked if I’d like to go there.

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