Bonomini Bakery – Northside

I went cake tasting with my sister a couple of weeks ago – Bonomini Bakery (in Northside, Blue Rock Street) was on her short list. Upon entering the bakery, my nose was immediately filled with amazingly delicious and sweet smells. Donuts! Donuts everywhere! Seriously, it was like being in donut heaven. Coffee cakes and cookies and danish and cakes of all types – and did I mention donuts? Sheer sugar craziness.

Since I knew that I had cakes to taste that day, I sadly left the bakery, without any sweet treats.

Although Bonomini didn’t win the wedding cake (the icing was awesome but we found a perfect, more modern cake, elsewhere –> that would be another bakery that I’m, now, in love with!), I was bound and determined to make it back for donuts.

The next Saturday, I had a lot of stops to make…so I decided that a short trip to Northside was doable. I mean, a few minutes out of my way for donuts? No brainer.

Again, walking in, just deliciousness assaulting me. So many choices! Along with being one of the oldest bakeries around (the Bonominis took over in 1976), they also have been voted #1 for the best Paczkis (that is pronounced “PUNCH-KEY” or “POONCH-KEY”) in Cincinnati. We’ll see about that… 😉

Even though my eyes were roaming, I stuck with donuts. Just donuts.

Bonomini donuts all

They have these little (okay, not so little) donuts, called Klunkers. They’re like fried danish but baby knot fried danish.

Bonomini klunker

Dense, perfect glaze, sweet perfection – seriously, delicious.

Got some chocolate glazed

Bonomini chocolate glazed

Okay, ran into some issues here – Servatti’s chocolate is 100X better. These were not a winner.

Please keep in mind, I didn’t consume FULL donuts in my quest for awesomeness – I was taking bites. (minus the klunker – I ate that whole damn thing)

Chocolate coated cream filled

Bonomini Cream Filled


Again, Servatti’s won this – while I liked the cream filling…the chocolate just wasn’t cutting it.

And, the award-winning Paczkis? They’re available in Glazed, Powdered Sugar and Cinnamon Sugar – I got a Lemon, blueberry and raspberry. Traditionally, they’re only available from Mardi Gras until Lent’s over. Not sure if Bonomini has them all year round.

Bonomini Paczki

I ate a bite of the Lemon one – holy crap weasels, it was amazing. The dough was perfect – fried to complete deliciousness. The lemon filling was amazing – light but tart. A sensory masterpiece.

While there were some major HITS and a couple misses – definitely swing by for some Klunkers and Paczkis! It’s worth the trip. (And the treat)

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4 thoughts on “Bonomini Bakery – Northside

  1. I can’t find he “other” cake place you are obsessed with by searching through your reviews. I need a cake ASAP and need help as I typically bake my own but have no time. I’m not a fan of sugary sweet icing. Please let Cincinnati know!

    • Sorry! I should have added that – my sister ended up getting her wedding cake at Happy Chicks Bakery (it’s also in Northside). They were so awesome and friendly for the tasting – and the cake was just amazing. She got black velvet with an almond, coconut (I’m not typically a fan of coconut either) icing and then a lemon cake with a raspberry tart icing. BOTH out of this world! Not sure where you are but Cakes and Pastries by George (on Muddy Creek, west side) is also just unbelievable. Seriously, some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life – I haven’t had a full on cake by him but everyone who has, raves about it. I, too, can bake but I don’t enjoy it and chances are, it won’t be pretty (just taste good!) Happy cake hunting!

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