Fireside Pizza – Walnut Hills

I had Fireside once, many moons ago, when they came to a Farmer’s Market near me. Since then, I’ve been dying to try it again! Really, there’s almost nothing better than pizza done right. (And, no Larosa’s is NOT pizza done right…) It’s tough getting delicious pizza in Cincinnati.

My 2 boys (that would be the husband and son) and I went last Saturday to get some wood-fired pizza. It’s never a struggle to convince my boys to go for pizza.

I’ll admit – the neighborhood is a little shady. However, parking is ample and convenient. I love that Fireside is in an old fire station – makes for very cool structures and lines.

The pizza menu is on a board behind the bar – a very simple menu…pizza and salads. The woman taking our order was very helpful, knowledgeable and acted like she wanted to be there (love that!)

We paid for our food, got a cool food holder…

Fireside table holder

I mean, I could do without the Simon and Garfunkel but I did dig the vinyl.

There are cafeteria style tables – if anything, I wasn’t crazy about the set up. I’d prefer separate tables. I kept wondering if they were a bar that happens to serve pizza or a pizza place that has a bar?

Our food took a while – like 30-40 minutes for pizza.

Mikey got Cheese Pizza, of course.

Fireside cheese

The hubby’s pizza – Sausage and Pepperoni

Fireside Mike better

And, mine…the Redlegger (Pepperoni, Red Peppers and Onions)

Fireside mine

The pizza was really, REALLY delicious. Nice and crispy thin crust. (I even ate the edges – that NEVER happens!) Sauce was perfect – I loved my toppings and cheese amount. I drizzled some hot oil on it and it was a damn good pizza!

I tried a bite of the husband’s because I’m super picky about sausage. I love that it was crumbly (that’s one of my pizza sausage stipulations). However, I still liked mine better. 😉

The boys loved it. I loved it. It made me happy for my pizza future in the Cincinnati area. We’ll be back, Fireside.

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