Chandler’s Burger Bistro – Delhi

The husband and I are suckers for burgers. If it weren’t for burgers and bacon, I could probably be a sort of vegetarian (I’d still eat fish). I don’t know that there are many food items, in American life, that will beat a perfect burger. Chandler’s  already starts off as a win because 1. they use Bridgetown Finer Meats ground chuck and 2. Servatti’s buns. Seriously, 2 of my favorite places in Cincinnati!

After dropping the boy off (yes, he missed burger night), we got to Chandler’s around 6:30 on a Saturday – I’ve heard some complaints about parking…the parking lot is huge? Chandler’s is busy. It’s Saturday night during prime eating time. Chances are that you’re not going to get a spot right in front. It might mean walking about 15 spaces.

Our quote for 2 people was 35 minutes – not bad! I did hear some grumbling next to me – but, keep in mind that they were a party of 10. Did they think it was going to be easy getting into ANY restaurant?

The inside is huge – lots of TVs, large bar, very retro trendy.

The menu is short and sweet – you know I love that!

Since we were being indecisive, we started off with both the…

Fried Pickles

Fried pickles 2

You know I love me some fried pickles. These were good – not perfect, not the best I’ve ever had…but pretty solid fried pickles. (The homemade ranch was nice, too)

…and the Macaroni Gouda Bites

Gouda bites

Gouda bite close 2

Um, YUM! Typically, macaroni bites can get a little bland but these were awesome. A lot of gouda which gave the cheese some bite. My only complaint is the dipping sauce – COLD marinara = WRONG. A spicy pizza sauce. A southwest ranch. Even a tangy, hot mustard. All better choices.

I liked the Gouda Bites. The husband liked the pickles better. Go figure. It was backwards night.

I knew, going in, what burger the husband was going to pick. Being married to someone for 15 years, you get good at that game. 😉

He got the Big Chandler


The Chandler

Underneath all of that bacon and burger goodness is goetta and fried egg, too! The husband kept talking about the bun (yes, insert all sorts of jokes here) and how good it was. See? Servatti’s wins every time!

Since I have issues with a lot of toppings on my burger (I prefer to stay as lady-like as possible while shoving a burger down my piehole…), I got a Bacon Cheeseburger.

Bacon Cheeseburger

It was a delicious burger – I like that the burger itself was simple. Ground Chuck, some salt and pepper, no fillers or added craziness. And, a perfect bun. 😉

Note that I switched out my fries for onion rings. The husband wanted both but didn’t want to commit to giving up his fries. So, I became the onion ring guinea pig. Good thing because I liked the onion rings much better than the fries. The fries were okay – but, I’m so hard to please in the fry category. The husband’s idea of a perfect fry is the crinkle fry. Enough said. He’ll always like the fries.

Our service was really great, too – she was always right around and right on time. 🙂

I did have to laugh at the amount of people who tried to sit at the tables without being on a wait. “Oh, they said I could sit AT the bar and eat…does that include these tables?” Seriously, it happened 3 times while we were there. Um, ALL the tables are around the bar. Sitting AT the bar and sitting in the bar AREA are 2 different things. Don’t try to make your own rules people. Go sit in the wait area like all the other nice patrons. 😉

I really liked Chandler’s. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest it to anyone that wanted a casual dining experience and an awesome burger. It also looks like a fun place to hang around football season. It makes my heart happy that a good restaurant has arrived in the west side.

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