Cakes and Pastries by George – Westside

I wanted to get my husband some really delicious cupcakes for his birthday and I was running out of cake places. Yes, I can make cupcakes but my love for baking is at a bare minimum. Okay, it’s zero. Once something gets in my head, I get a little obsessed with it. I’ve heard (and read!) awesome things about Cakes and Pastries by George (the Greek Baker!) and yes, it stuck in my mind.

I walked in to order the cupcakes and holy cupcakes everywhere! I was overwhelmed by their beauty and the different types. I had some hard decisions to make. I also had to keep in mind that it was HIS birthday and not mine. 😉

Also, after eyeballing the chocolate baklava, in the case, I became a little obsessed (okay, a lot obsessed) with that. It pained me that I would have to wait 3 days.

But, I was a good girl and waited for a cheat day. 🙂

Insert gorgeous cupcakes below.

George's cupcakes

Beautiful! They’re like mini bundles of cake art.

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I talk cupcakes, let me talk about the chocolate baklava.

George's Chocolate Baklava

I realize it’s not traditional (and I love the traditional kind too – I’m not a hater) but it is oh, so right. Instead of layers of nuts, it’s layered with chocolate and the sweet honey syrup. (yes, one of those was for the hubby) It was like a piece of chocolate heaven. And, extremely dangerous for us dieting folks. When my husband bit into his, he gave me the “seriously? this is the best thing ever” look.

Back to cupcakes. Yes, beautiful but delicious?

I got Chocolate Caramel

George's chocolate caramel

And, Chocolate Peanut Butter

George's chocolate peanut butter

Lastly, Red Velvet

George's red velvet

I’m, typically, not a fan of over the top decoration (meaning, I don’t like big old chunks of things on or in my items) but this edible decor was perfect. Just enough without being overbearing.

Each individual cupcake was like a mini cake – there’s a layer of icing in the middle of each cupcake! They were perfect cupcakes. I said it.

I had the red velvet =  perfection in every aspect and way. Cake was moist (deal with it) and the cream cheese icing was divine.

And, I might have stolen a bite (or 2) of the chocolate peanut butter. Um, yeah. Utter bliss.

In addition to delivering a delicious birthday for my husband, I’m just so happy that I no longer have to search for the perfect cupcake.

George, the Greek Baker, you have nailed the art of cupcakes.

Last minute photo op!

Cupcakes with candles

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