Shout out to Dewey’s! Newport on the Levee

I’ve already reviewed Dewey’s so this is just really a “yah, Dewey’s” post. Those delicious cupcakes that I posted about last week? Well, we had pizza leading up to those cupcakes for the hubby’s b-day.

The Dewey’s staff was awesome – they volunteered to keep the cupcakes in the cooler. Our server was on top of everything. We sat in a very sunny area and the manager was doing everything possible to make sure that we weren’t burning our booties off. Before we left, we gave our server a cupcake and he gave my husband a Dewey’s glass! Out of this world customer service!


Mike and I shared the Peppercorn Ranch Salad

Dewey's Salad


Because it was Mike’s b-day AND cheat day, he didn’t want to share with me. Plus, our topping likes are vastly different.

He got the Bronx Bomber (with no peppers)

Dewey's Bronx Bomber

I got the Green Lantern (no surprise there – that’s what I always get). AND, it was awesome, as usual!!!!

Dewey's Green Lantern

It is so frickin’ delicious. Really, some of the best pizza around.

My advice – step away from the Larosa’s and get yourself some Dewey’s!

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