Trinity Gastro Pub – West Chester

I think my husband is obsessed with burgers. Of course, after eating only advocare approved items for a year now, that will do that to a person. Upon hearing about the delicious burgers at Trinity Gastro Pub, that’s where we landed last Saturday for dinner. I was just happy that I didn’t have to order a burger. 😉

We made reservations so we could get right in. A couple of people have remarked about parking and yes, the lot is teeny for as big as Trinity’s is. The building is beautiful. About 3 hostesses greeted us to make sure we were being taken care of. There was a nice patio/outside area (of course, it was a smidgen too cold that night) with a fireplace. A pretty good set-up there. 🙂

We all came with big appetites – I guess we were working hard that day!

For appetizers, we ordered the Cheese Fries

Trinity Cheese Fries

While I can appreciate the design of the curly cut fry, it just didn’t work here. They were way too thick and weren’t done all the way. No one likes a hard fry. Plus – lack of toppings. Please, give me some cheese with those cheese fries.

My friend got some chips and Guacamole

Trinity Guac

I realize that I’m uber hard to please in the guacamole category – this was an average guacamole. Being as my friend wasn’t gushing over it either, I think she felt the same way. So, I wasn’t being too picky. Not enough lime, not enough salt, ditch the tomatoes, needed to be chunkier.

My friend TRIED to order the Chicken and Waffle sliders but we were told that they didn’t have the equipment to make them yet? So, she had to scramble for idea #2. Which was…

Corned Beef (just call it a Reuben) Sliders

Trinity Reuben Sliders

I’ll hold off for mine, for last – other items ordered…

Onion Rings

Trinity Onion Rings

Kids Cheeseburger

Trinity Kids Cheeseburger

Pretzel Nuggets 

Trinity Pretzel Nuggets

New York Strip (sorry that the strip isn’t facing you – I didn’t want to force him to flip the plate around)

Trinity Steak

The Over Easy Burger (same deal as above – the hungry bears get angry if you ask for a different food angle)

Trinity Burger

My husband, of course, loved his – he thought it was better than the last burger he ate (Chandler’s). I think he’s nuts – but, of course, I didn’t try this burger. 😉

And, finally, my choice. I was going back and forth between a flatbread and Fish’n’Chips. I wasn’t crazy about any of the flatbread choices AND I was afraid it was denser, like pita bread, versus crispy and thin. So, I went with Fish’n’Chips.

Trinity Fish'n'Chips

I DID like these curly cut fries better alone than I did with the cheese fries – they were way crisper. But, I was so full, I didn’t need any more fries.

The breading on the ends was good. The middle was a smidgen soggy. The tartar sauce was horrible (definitely from a tub somewhere).  I should have gone with the flatbread – pita bread crust be damned.

I will say this – I am probably on an island by myself with being underwhelmed with Trinity’s. Everyone else really liked it – my friend was irritated that they didn’t have what she wanted but she’s easy-going and enjoyed what she got. The boys, of course, loved it. I’m not sure if they’re allowed to have an opinion anymore though. (They love EVERY fry that they come in contact with…)

It was fine. I won’t have to go back.

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