Jag’s – West Chester

I turned 40 a few weeks ago. Boo. (it does beat the alternative, however) My husband threw an awesome (superhero themed) party for me but, before the festivities began, we went to Jag’s for my birthday dinner.

I’m always up for new (and delicious) steak! Plus, I had awesome hair and makeup, for the evening = a win situation all around!

Jag’s is beautiful – I’m going to put it in the trendy, non-pretentious category, too. Attractive hostesses (but, with appropriate level skirts…), friendly staff and a cozy dining atmosphere. And, there’s a very cool elevated piano for when the music hours begin. I can totally dig that.

Squirrel here – Check out their awesome Dinner for 2 meal on Friday nights! Great price of $99!

Getting this out of the way right now…I’m going to compare Jag’s to Eddie Merlot’s, which is my ultimate steak place so…just be prepared!

Jag’s has a great menu – lots of classic AND trendy choices. Prices are very nice, too. At most high-end steak houses, everything is a la carte. At Jag’s you actually get a side, a vegetable AND a salad with your entree. I know – crazy!

We decided to forgo any appetizer – the husband was too nervous about my party, anyway. We went straight for the goods! I was pretty excited that I could add a piece of sea bass on to my entree – um, hello! I love that I can be indecisive and still win.

Around the horn…

My bestie (yes, I can still say that at 40 – shut up) ordered off of the special menu. A Filet with some sort of garlic butter and sauce – whippy potatoes in the background.

Jag's Marita Steak


She, also, started with a Strawberry Salad.

Jag's Strawberry Salad

I apologize for the pictures – you know those fancy restaurants like their low lighting!

My male BF got the same thing I did. He cheats so he can eat immediately and not have to have a camera in his food! (He’s, actually, a fast learner)

The husband got a boring old house salad 😉

Jag's House Salad


Yes, it’s sad. And, he was insanely jealous of my delicious Caesar Salad.

Jag's Caesar Salad

Although the picture sucks, it was the best Caesar salad that I’ve ever had. Ever – yes, that’s my whole life of eating caesar salads! The dressing was perfect. The croutons were awesome – good amount of parm. Plus, they give you this fabulous parmesan crisp to the side. Hells yah. I want to go back just for the Caesar salad – it was THAT good! And, it’s true that the husband was so jealous of my salad. I was kind and gave him some. SOME.

The husband got The Big Oscar (filet, topped with lots of seafood and lobster hollandaise)

Jag's Oscar

He was in love. I think he’s still talking about it.

I got a simple filet, paired with an added piece of sea bass and a side of bearnaise, of course.

Jag's me

I did enjoy the crispy fried onions on top. The whipped potatoes were very good, too. I wasn’t in love with the bearnaise (Eddie Merlot’s is better). The sea bass, while good, needed something – a little spicing up? But, it was cooked perfectly – delicate and flaky. And, the filet – well, it wasn’t Eddie Merlot’s. When you get a filet at EM’s, your knife SLIDES through it like butter. This, while still good (I mean, it’s a filet!), just wasn’t as tender and melt in my mouth worthy. I just did some looking around and Jag’s uses Certified Angus Beef Steaks – EM’s uses Prime Beef (aged for 21 days). It makes a difference. Of course, your pricing is better at Jag’s but quality of steak is better at EM’s.

With that said, I would totally go back to Jag’s – it was a fabulous dining experience. Our server was AMAZING. The manager came and chatted with us for a few minutes (I’m always impressed with that and just think it’s a nice touch). I like the menu. I like the decor. I would, absolutely, recommend it for someone looking for a fine dining experience.

And, I’m still craving that damn Caesar salad!

Jag's Steak & Seafood/Piano Bar on Urbanspoon


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