Mellow Mushroom – Hyde Park

I have been to Mellow Mushroom 2 times before this trip (once in Destin and once at this location). I’ve thought it was average but I seem to be in the minority with my thinking – that happens a LOT of the time.

Book Club (yah! Love my fellow nerdy girls!) was at Mellow Mushroom this month so I decided to give it an actual review. You know – make it official and all.

Although the parking lot was packed, Mellow Mushroom wasn’t busy at all. Our party of 10 got in immediately.

I can’t say that I love the decor/theme. The whole “hippy, shrooms, peace” thing really doesn’t appeal to me. In fact, it annoys the piss right out of me.

Menu – ugh. Not a single Mellow Mushroom created pizza sounded good to me. Not one. The salad choices suck, too. Take a look at the house salad – yeah, thanks for the lettuce, carrots, cabbage and mushrooms. Puke.

Last time I was there (2 months ago), I got a Calzone. Gross. Way too much dough. Toppings were still raw. Not enough cheese. And, I don’t really like their sauce.




This time, I got a pizza with pepperoni and bacon. 

Mellow Mushroom


Eh. Not impressed. Way too much dough space. Not enough sauce. Not cheesy enough. And, really, just not good.

I love my book club so I will always go wherever – but, I wouldn’t choose Mellow Mushroom EVER for just a dinner out.

My advice – go to Fireside Pizza, go to Dewey’s. Leave the hippies to their crappy pizza. 😉

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