First Watch – Harrison Green

Oddly enough, I’ve never been to ANY First Watch. My breakfast of choice is usually coffee. Just coffee. We’re not really the wake up early on a Saturday morning, get a big breakfast, type of family. We’re the “hey, let’s go to Servatti’s and grab some donuts” people. So, breakfast isn’t my thing. Hence, no First Watch.

I’ve heard awesome things about it. Everyone raves about how amazing the food is.  My initial thought response? It’s eggs, people – calm down. 😉

The boy and I were going to see Antman (surprisingly, a REALLY funny movie!) and we swung by the new First Watch for a late morning breakfast.

It is beautiful inside. Love the set-up. The tables are pretty. And, we got right in (since there were only 2 of us, the odds were in our favor). I did notice that we were the youngest people eating that day.

Our server was awesome – she was helpful, on top of things and had a smile on her face.  As we looked over the menu, we got a coffee (well, I did) and a hot chocolate (the boy).

First Watch Hot Chocolate

First Watch Drinks

REALLY delicious coffee. I liked that they had nice creamers too (not that I consume hazelnut but…) AND, I got the whole pot. Woohoo!

And, because I love him…

First Watch Mikey with cup


I think we studied the menu way too long but we ended up with The Trifecta (chocolate chip pancake, scrambled eggs, bacon)

First Watch Trifecta

Mikey was impressed with the attractive syrup bottle.

First Watch Syrup

He loved his chocolate chip pancake!

I got the Key West Crepeggs

First Watch Key West Crepeggs

And, the other side of the plate.


First Watch Mine 2


After such a great first visual impression, I really wanted to be in love with it. I wasn’t. It was good. The potatoes were pretty boring – I wish they were shredded or have some spice or something. My english muffin was a little hard. BUT – I loved the details (the side of strawberry jelly, ketchup without asking, the choice of chalula as the hot sauce…) My eggs were okay – a good amount of avocado (which is rare!) But, I can’t say that I was overwhelmed by any of the food.

First Watch had a lot of positives – this being one of them.

First Watch Napkin Holder

It’s beautiful. I like the open kitchen. Service was fantastic and fast! I love the details – everything given without asking. Coffee was delicious. Water bottle on the table. Pretty syrup. Awesome hot sauce. Price point, $24, was good.  (I was warned that it was pricey – and I have issues paying lots of money for EGGS. Perspective.) For me, the food was the one “eh”.

I’m sure I’ll be back but it wasn’t love at first bite.



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