Brotula’s – Destin 2015

Brotula’s was one of the new restaurants, in Destin, that I was excited about trying. They’re trendy, funky and a sister company to Jackacuda’s. The even best news is that it’s away from Harborwalk in its own free-standing location. Woohoo for no parking issues!

Right now, their website is having some issues so I might have to wing the names of some items ordered!

We got right in – they’ve revamped the old Fisherman’s Wharf, wonderfully. It no longer smells totally like a big fish.

Brotula's sign

Our service started quickly (more on that later) – we ordered a couple of appetizers. Fried pickles, of course, and a Crab Dip – listed as one of their signature items.

Brotula's Fried Pickles

They were pretty good, not perfect. Could have been fried a few minutes longer.

Brotula's crab dip

For being a signature dish, there certainly wasn’t a lot of crab in the crab dip. Mostly a Velveeta tasting cheese. Disappointing.

Presentation, for all dishes was beautiful.

I’m a sucker for soups, so I got a cup of the clam chowder.

Brotula's chowder best

At first, I found the soup to be really appealing but after a minute, the seasoning got to be overwhelming and the bacon was soggy (and very abundant).

I’ll post what I ordered last.

Here’s the rundown…


Brotula's Cheeseburger


Brotula's hushpuppies

Shrimp tacos

Brotula's shrimp tacos

Shrimp Po’boy

Brotula's Shrimp Poboy

Blackened Fish Tacos (mine!)

Brotula's fish tacos better

Brotula's blackened fish tacos

This is the thing. I ordered fish tacos and my husband ordered the shrimp po’boy (my daughter did as well). We GOT 2 blackened shrimp tacos. Not sure how that happened. Our server said that he never makes mistakes (I guess implying that it was our fault?). But, I never order shrimp tacos…I’m a fish taco lover. And, my husband definitely said shrimp Po’boy. Being the awesome guy that my husband is, he kept the wrong shrimp tacos. I waited for my fish tacos. And, waited. And, waited some more. It took a really long time – even the guy who brought them out stated that it took forever. Plus, when I got them, they were missing 2 components (listed on the menu) that I had to ask my server for.  They were average fish tacos. Missing a key ingredient, guacamole.

The food verdict – my daughter LOVED her shrimp po’boy and the hushpuppies were probably the best we’ve had in Destin. Everything else was just “eh”.

Our server was sweet enough to bring out a piece of key lime pie, for our troubles.

Brotula's key lime pie best

My 4 peeps, who don’t typically like key lime pie, loved this one. I prefer mine to be more tart. It was creamy but I need my lips to pucker a little.

I was disappointed in Brotula’s. And, we don’t have to put them on our “must” list.

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2 thoughts on “Brotula’s – Destin 2015

  1. Hello!! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Destin is my favorite place so I’m really enjoying reading all your reviews. Have you been to Pepitos? They have the best fish tacos we have found. And they make an insane fresh margarita. (The restaurant is in a strip mall).

    • I haven’t – the 2 mexican places I’ve been to are La Paz and Crab Island Cantina (hate it).

      Fish tacos are my favorite! I didn’t want to like Surf Hut but…I DID – they have perfect fish tacos!

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