Dewey Destin (Destin 2015)

I have always been a big fan and cheerleader for Dewey Destin (Crab Island location only) I love the fresh seafood and the easy, laid back location. I love that they cook right out of a trailer and that it’s simple food in a beautiful setting. It’s one of the first suggestions that I give to people who are first timers to the Destin eating scene.

DD restaurant

But, the past 2 years, I’ve been falling slowly out of love with Dewey Destin. I’ve always said that their sides are average. Fries are just okay. Cole slaw and tartar are just straight out not good. ( I think we get spoiled with Frisch’s tartar sauce). The hush puppies are hit or miss. What kept me coming back was the delicious seafood.

Dewey Destin scene 2

We had Dewey Destin, this year, for our first lunch in AND for a dinner later on that week. (Yes, serious dedication to the seafood eating cause).

I’ll admit – our first lunch in, I was being a little cranky. It was hotter than hell. I get it – it’s Florida. But it was “can’t breathe”, stifling, no air movement, hot. We battled a ton of traffic after being in a car for a few hours. So, my first review might be because of those elements creeping into my food observations.

Items ordered (I’ll list mine last)…

Royal Reds (I love that my daughter is so willing to rip their heads off!)

Dewey Destin royal reds

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

Dewey Destin soft shell crab sandwich

Grilled Shrimp

Dewey Destin grilled shrimp

Fried Fish

Dewey Destin Fried Fish

And mine – Fried Grouper Sandwich

Dewey Destin Grouper sandwich

I got the same thing, last year, for lunch and it was awesome. Probably one of the best seafood items of our trip. I have no clue what happened this year. The grouper felt different. Tasted “off” – usually tastes pretty light and flaky and mild. It tasted kind of “gamey”. And, all the sides were just okay, that day. (sometimes, the hush puppies can be really good!) I just wasn’t feeling it. I was hoping that my next Dewey Destin trip would be better (see more below).

BTW – here’s a pick of my grouper sandwich last year. Clearly, something was amiss this year.

DD 1 Fish Sand

My hope sprung eternal for our next trip!

About 10 nights later…our friends were along this time. I was prepared to order my go to perfect meal. (I’ll list that later). We’ll see how that went for me.

Other items ordered that time (My husband stayed strong with his Soft shell crab sandwich and there was another grilled shrimp ordering so, less pictures)

Grilled Fish

DD grilled fish

Crab Legs

DD crab legs

Chicken Fingers

DD chicken fingers

Tuna sandwich

DD tuna sandwich

And, mine…the Bacon wrapped, crab meat stuffed shrimp. Seriously, what could be wrong with it?

DD Stuffed shrimp

To answer that question…The bacon wasn’t as crisp as it needed to be, I had a ton of shells left in my crab meat (and, it felt like pure mush). By the time I could bite the shrimp part, I was just over all the gross tastes in my mouth.

I realize that Dewey’s will be perpetually busy, regardless of my thoughts and reviews. But, I think they need to regroup and be who they intended to be. Simple food, done right. That means, upping their game on the sides, improving the quality that’s slipping and remembering that they’re serving baskets out of a shack on the ocean. (my husband remarked that prices have gone up)

My one happy? This Blue Heron. I loved him and his nest! Which is crazy because I hate birds.

Blue Heron 2

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