IHOP – Prattville, AL

You might think I’m lying but…this was only my 2nd trip to an IHOP, ever. Yes, it’s true. I think my feelings about breakfast have been made pretty clear. My daughter was giving me the “are you crazy” look when I asked if they had more than pancakes. Oh, I’m sorry – this place IS named after pancakes.

After our stay at the weird Alabama hotel, we swung by for breakfast before cruising into Destin. I really just wanted coffee <–the story of my life.

I loved the hostess – she was like a drill sergeant. She might not have been personable but she was getting the job DONE. I can appreciate that.

Early morning. Must have coffee

IHOP coffee

IHOP coffee cup

It’s not fancy. And, it wasn’t amazing coffee. But it got the caffeine job done.

And, my son got some hot chocolate – he’s quickly becoming a hot chocolate connoisseur. Is there such a thing?

IHOP hot chocolate

I thought the different types of syrup were cute.

IHOP syrups better

I struggled with what to order – I don’t like fluffy items in the morning. So, I settled for a bacon omelette with avocado. AND…I don’t have a picture. I have no clue what happened there – total camera fail. But, I got my omelette and it didn’t come out with avocado because they were OUT of avocado. Information that would have been useful BEFORE ordering. But, whatever, I still had bacon. It was okay. The hashed browns were crispy on the outside but failed on the inside. And, again, my foodie soul was unimpressed.

IHOP hash browns

Other items ordered…

Veggie Omelette

IHOP veggie omelette

Chocolate pancakes

IHOP chocolate pancakes

Puke. I couldn’t even watch my son eat these. Way too much chocolate (with syrup!) for the morning hours!

And, the infamous IHOP pancakes

IHOP pancakes

I took a bite of my daughter’s and yes, they were good. 😉

I’m indifferent about IHOP – it was fine. It served it’s purpose for our breakfast trip. Fed my hungry hippos and gave me an abundance of coffee.

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