Krystal – it’s a southern thing

I realize that I’m a traitor to the Cincinnati sliders. Maybe it’s because I know White Castle that it’s possible for me to take them for granted. (Hey, I HAVE made some tasty slider dressing at Thanksgiving with them!) Or, that I don’t typically get drunk and grab greasy burgers at 2AM…What’s better than that, you say?

The southern Krystal! It’s like White Castle, only better. The ONLY time I get Krystal is on our yearly trip to Destin and usually, in Alabama.

Krystal has fluffier buns (yes, it’s funny). Not as many onions. AND, they add mustard to their little greasy sliders. THIS is what it looks like…

Krystal Cheeseburger

Krystal burger and fries

And, you can get delicious chili cheese fries right along side of your baby burger!

Krystal Cheese Fries

I’m not going to pretend that Krystal is culinary genius but…it’s slider yumminess and it signals the beginning of my 2 week jaunt to paradise! If you’re in the south…grab for the Krystal. (Plus, they have Icees!)

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