McGuire’s – Destin 2015

For one meal (during our 14 day stay), I throw the kids a bone and let them choose the restaurant. I wasn’t surprised that they chose McGuire’s even though we’d be eating there again once our friends made it to paradise. MY kids know the good stuff.

I’m Irish – you’re not going to catch me complaining! ūüėČ

They don’t specialize in seafood but McGuire’s is just an awesome, one of a kind dining experience. ¬†Minus the red lights (I find them to be just horrendous), it’s perfection in one restaurant. I know I’ve blogged ad nauseum about McGuire’s amazing attributes so I’ll let it go at this – GO THERE if you’re near Destin.

Our first time around (there were 5 of us – my daughter brought a friend), we split the nachos. Yes, THE nachos. The crazy, huge nachos. Now, I can’t say that they’re perfect nachos but they really are just impressive to look at.

I’ll apologize for all the McGuire’s pics – it’s not really my fault. It’s that damn evil red lighting!

McGuire's nachos

They bring out a big napkin to catch all of the nacho droppings. There were 5 of us and we barely made a dent. We overheard a server, telling their guests that a table in the back ordered 4 nachos for 4 people! I asked the husband if he thought it would be rude if I ran back to take a picture. He opted for the rude. Whatever. That’s just impressive. Who doesn’t want to watch that?

No matter what you order at McGuire’s, ALWAYS get a cup of the senate bean soup (.18!!!). It’s delicious and perfect bean soup!

McGuire's bean soup

I’m not even a lover of bean soup and I love THIS soup. I’m done using the word soup now.

Every table gets lots of Honey Black Bread. I’m a big fan of honey.

McGuire's bread

It really is better than that picture implies – I swear.

First time around, we got…

A steak (for my son, of course) – NY Strip

McGuire's steak 3

Pork Chops (they were HUGE!)

McGuire's pork chops


McGuire's ribs

And mine, Fish’n’Chips

McGuire fish'n'chips better


Okay – as much as I love McGuire’s, I wasn’t in love with my fish. The chips part was good. Big, fat steak fries – hells, yeah!

Second trip (won’t be as many pics because we had repeats from the first trip!)


McGuire's burger


McGuire's reuben

My husband LOVED the reuben.

And, I got the Wedge Salad 

McGuire's wedge

I usually get on the wedge salad for being just pretentious iceburg lettuce but…there was a LOT of bleu cheese on this, therefore, it was excused.

And, my go to awesomeness – Reuben Egg Rolls

McGuire's reuben egg rolls

Let me just say that McGuire’s kitchen KICKS some serious ASS. (Yes, service is amazing too!)Really – they crank delicious food out like ninjas. My husband and I were in awe of them and I hope they get regularly recognized for being awesome!

I love McGuire’s.

My last tips…

  1. Go
  2. Bring friends
  3. Bring your appetite
  4. Share a meal
  5. Get a cup of the bean soup
  6. LOOK at the bathroom door before you go in
  7. Stop at the gift shop (I own like 6 McGuire’s shirts…and a hat, and water bottles and key chains and a wine glass and…)

And, that’s my final answer.

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