Cuvee Bistro – Destin 2015

Cuvee Bistro is simply, amazing.

Since we do have the teen people with us on vacation, we don’t want to go all out with the fine dining. (we’ll save that for when we’re solo vacationers…) Plus, the kids definitely wouldn’t appreciate it like we can. So, we go to Cuvee’s (awesome!) happy hour – 5PM – 9PM (every night). That’s a whole lotta hours for innovative, delicious 1/2 priced food and drinks. Don’t let the price point of the menu scare you – if you want to give it a whirl, start with the Happy Hour!

The bar area is huge – lots of bar seats and high top tables. Our group of 5 had no trouble finding a spot to fit in.

I love the ambiance of Cuvee, the service is always out of this world and the food…well – I’ll SHOW you.

Cuvee lemon drop 3

Oops. That’s a drink – a lemon drop martini and it was mine. Yum. How cool is the silver stemware?

Smoked Tomato and Shrimp Soup

Cuvee Shrimp and tomato bisque

They put the shrimp at the bottom of the empty bowl and add the hot soup (from a pretty silver pot) directly in – those shrimp stay tender!

Seafood Chowder (soup of the day)

Cuvee seafood chowder

I’m in love with the tomato soup but I took a sip of the husband’s – um, this one was even better! Depth of serious flavor and had a kick to it.

Caesar Salad with Eggplant Croutons

Cuvee Caesar Salad

Asian Spring Rolls

Cuvee spring rolls

Best dipping sauce EVER. I could drink it.

Beef Quarters (I think that’s the fancy word for sliders)

Cuvee sliders

Margarita Flatbread

Cuvee margarita pizza\

I don’t, personally, trust any pizza that doesn’t have sauce on it but our 2nd daughter for the week loved it. ūüėČ

Spicy Garlic Fries

Cuvee fries

You know how my husband loves EVERY fry that he comes across? Well, he’s wrong – not every fry IS perfect. This one…is. Cuvee also makes their own ketchup. I’m usually not a fan of anything not Heinz but this stuff is just incredible. Even my son (super picky pants) loves this ketchup. The fries are crispy, garlicky and have just a hint of spice – fry heaven.

And, the most amazing flatbread/pizza/whatever you want to call it…

Homemade Bison Sausage

Cuvee Bison 2

Cuvee Bison pizza

Just by looking at that picture, you’re not capable of fully embracing just how awesome that pizza really is. It’s cracker thin, perfect sauce, crumbled bison, jalapenos,¬†mozzarella and fontina. Every other pizza should be jealous when they see this one.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, was a perfect meal. It’s food we all know but creatively twisted into something special.

I might be in love with Chef Tim Creehan.

I know it’s not on the beach. You don’t get an ocean view. (Nor do you have to contend with bugs, seagulls and crying kids!) You don’t get a free frisbee with your meal. But, this is a culinary experience that you won’t forget.

Cuvee outside

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