Elmo’s – Santa Rosa/Destin 2015

One night, while on our 2 week vacation, we go out for all you can eat crab legs. Yes, I understand that they’re NOT local! It’s not something that we do at home – it’s a vacation luxurious eating thing. So, don’t bother sending me messages “informing” me of the crab’s homeland (or water).

The restaurant we used to go to (Rick’s Crab Trap), closed – it really wasn’t a good restaurant minus the AYCE crab. No issues here.

Thankfully, Elmo’s Grill in Santa Rosa has AYCE crab, too. Score!

I realize that it’s Florida and that the weather is warm. Like REALLY warm. (no good hair days here) Elmo’s is NOT air-conditioned and it’s also not on the ocean. Doesn’t make for a good combination. There are fans but not enough to do any real cooling down. My 40 yr. old self was sweaty. I don’t like sweating and eating.

I did think it was funny that we were sat by 3 other tables from Ohio! Us Ohioans love our Destin vacations.

Service was spotty. Started off strong and then she got lost…somewhere. Maybe the hot air ate her.

Elmo’s has AYCE crab legs for $40 but what’s truly awesome is this…you start with 2# for $30 and if you decide you need more, then you can upgrade for $10 to the AYCE. Brilliant. Perfect for us lazy crab leg openers that are quitters.

MOST of us got the starter crab legs – there were a couple of non-crab eaters.

My son – the picky eater – got steak! He was pretty excited that it was a sirloin and not a ribeye.

Elmo's steak

Tuna Dip

Elmo's tuna dip

That was my best friend’s – we both found it odd that they served it with tortilla chips?

Oh, I did get a cup of gumbo (a cup was only .99!)

Elmo's gumbo

Elmo's gumbo 2

It was okay gumbo. The crackers were really stale. Not sure if it was because of the extreme heat and humidity in the place but…definitely stale.

And, the CRAB LEGS!

Elmo's crab

Elmo's crab legs

I do like crab. I enjoy it much better than lobster even. But, I really can never decide if it’s the crab that I like or the drawn butter…

My husband was the only one that moved onto Round 2 of the AYCE crab.

Mike with crab

This is the damage left behind…

Elmo's crab shells

Those crab never had a fighting chance!

Since it’s the only restaurant in the area with AYCE crab legs, I’m sure we’ll be back. But, I really wish they’d invest in some A/C.

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