The Breakfast Table – Destin 2015

We eat one breakfast out while in Destin. My breakfast usually consists of coffee and later, pina coladas on the beach. I enjoy Another Broken Egg cafe but it’s pretty pricey (like $80+) for breakfast. I go to my normal mantra…it’s EGGS, people. So, every year we try a new breakfast place. This year, it was The Breakfast Table.

Our group of 8 got right in around 9:30AM – the place is cute but small. (closed on Wednesdays)

Breakfast table clock wall

I had no clue what I was going to get. I think I was still deciding right up until we ordered. You know what I did need? Coffee!

Breakfast table coffee

Coffee is heaven in a cup.

Items ordered…

Chocolate Milk – not pretty but it’s chocolate milk

Breakfast table chocolate milk


Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast table sandwich


Breakfast able breakfast

Some sort of breakfast – hey, it was early!

Breakfast table breakfast 2

Fried egg

Breakfast table fried egg

Breakfast Burrito (mine’s so much better!)

Breakfast table burrito

Pancakes – chocolate chip

Breakfast table pancakes

Both of my kids thought that the chocolate chips in the pancakes tasted weird. Not sure if they use a dark chocolate chip or what but they both said it wasn’t good.

Mine – the Breakfast Sundae

Breakfast table sundae

It was hash browns topped with eggs, bacon and cheese. I added avocado and hollandaise sauce because I wasn’t happy with the “sundae” 😉

The portion was kind of small for it being $10ish. Taste-wise – it was just okay. If I wouldn’t have added those 2 toppings, I would have been pretty disappointed.

I was looking for something better and a little less expensive. This wasn’t it. Guess we’re back to the breakfast hunting next year! (My kids are pushing for The Pancakery again – they love it)

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