Blalock Seafood Market – Destin 2015

We’re in Destin for 2 weeks – one of those days we visit a fish market and cook in our condo. I really love that meal and experience. I’ve been to a few fish markets, in Destin – I’ve loved them all. This year, we went to Blalock‘s (it was closest). I called ahead and got some big old shrimp peeled and deveined (only a couple bucks more – so worth it!). Blalock will also season and steam seafood for you. But, since we were taking on the cooking part, we let it go at the raw seafood.

I love the smell of the seafood market – I know, that probably makes me a freak but it just smells like the ocean and freshness!

After looking and looking and looking some more, we picked out our triple fin and tuna. Plus, some seasonings and gumbo. And, don’t forget we got shrimp too.

Triple Fin

Blalocks Triple Fin

Triple Fin Blackened and grilled

Blalocks triple fin done

Super flaky and mild – love the seasoning that I got. Spicy!

Tuna – look how pretty!

Blalocks tuna

Tuna – lightly seasoned and grilled. 

Blalocks tuna done

I think I might even have hit a decent temperature there!

Blalock Gumbo

Blalock's gumbo

You know – there was a sweet man from New Orleans chatting with us in Blalock’s. He was telling us how awesome and authentic the gumbo was. I’m always down with soup and/or gumbo so we bought some. I wasn’t in love. There were pretty many shells in it and it just lost me from there.

Shrimp – seasoned with slap yo mama seasoning!

Blalocks grilled shrimp

There is NOTHING like fresh shrimp. It’s tender and sweet. It makes me so sad, coming back to Cincinnati, that I won’t have fresh shrimp for a year. Doesn’t matter – once it’s frozen, it’s all done. 😦

We enjoy dining out while vacationing in Destin but we REALLY enjoy our one night of experimenting and eating locally caught fish! It’s not cheap but not nearly as expensive as going out for a meal. (Plus, there’s no crowds!) Find a fish market and get grilling!

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