Lulu’s – Destin 2015

I only occasionally preface my posts and opinions but here it is – I was crabby heading into Lulu’s. I was sunburned. It was crazy hot. We needed to take our beach pictures that night and I was feeling ugly and frizzy (that would be the hair). I just wasn’t feeling it. It being anything.

Lulu's restaurant

In retrospect, we should have sat “inside” – not on the picnic tables on the deck. Even though it was shaded, it was still blazing ass hot.

Lulu's looking over the menu

The view was nice but…

Lulu's view

…all this “stuff” makes for a chaotic environment. Kids are running back and forth – playing and eating at the same time. Great that the kids are entertained. Bad that I wanted to throat punch their parents.

Please remember – bad attitude. 😉

First, I’ll address the service. We were greeted promptly. Our appetizer came out fast. Food, not so much. We waited a while. In the extreme heat. Got the food and we waited even longer to get our check and pay. Like 30 minutes longer. I was a server for a long time – newsflash, people want to pay and LEAVE. That’s the natural progression – you sit down, you eat, you pay, you leave.

Food – really, this is the first time that I was having difficulty figuring out what I wanted. I’m a menu stalker but nothing was really jumping out at me.

Lulu's cup

For an appetizer we got Nachos

Lulu's nachos

They were good because they had a LOT of melted, nacho-y cheese on them.

Fresh Gulf Red Snapper Sandwich

Lulu's fish sand

Mahi Tacos

Lulu's fish tacos

I didn’t order the fish tacos because they had the wrong items on them – cheese (wrong), black beans (wrong). My best friend liked them AFTER she asked for a side of the Lulu’s WoW sauce. However, you shouldn’t have to “fix” them.

Fried Crab Claws

Lulu's fried crab claws

Grilled Fish (of some sort – sorry!)

Lulu's grilled fish

The “Pa-menna” Cheeseburger

Lulu's burger

My son hated it. But, to be fair, he didn’t understand that it was going to come with pimento cheese and he wasn’t sitting next to me. 😉 He grimaced the whole time and focused on his fries.


Also – sandwiches come with a bag of chips. Seriously? That’s such a pet peeve of mine. If I’m spending $14+ on a sandwich, you can give me some damn fries with it!

Hush puppies

Lulu's hush puppies

And, I got a Shrimp Quesadilla (I needed my mexican fix!)

Lulu's shrimp quesa

It was fine. It tasted like shrimp, cheese and grilled tortilla. I added hot sauce hoping that would help. Not really. I asked for a side of guacamole.

Lulu's guac

No – didn’t help either because the guac wasn’t good. I dislike tomatoes in guac. Remember, I’m cranky!

I DID ask everyone if they liked their food because I realize that I wasn’t in top form that night. Everyone (and that is everyone!) gave it an “eh”.

The ONE appealing thing about Lulu’s is their merchandise. Seriously, they have some cute things. We were the happiest at the gift shop – there were fans blowing, lots of fun items and at that point, we had been released from our hostage (waiting to pay) situation.

I’m unsure at this point, whether to give Lulu’s another shot. Truth be told, looking at their menu, there’s nothing that I “have” to have. So, we shall see in 2016.

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