Vinny McGuire’s – Destin 2015

I look forward to Vinny McGuire’s every year. It’s pizza – got a problem with that? I eat seafood 12 out of the 14 days we’re there – a girl needs some pizza! I’m not defensive at all.

And, it’s not JUST pizza. It’s awesome pizza! Don’t let the Irish restaurant next door fool you. Vinny McGuire’s knows how to make some delicious pizza, too. (There’s a new mcguire’s sushi place too – haven’t tried that yet)

My only complaint is the red lighting again. You’d think in this social media day and age that McGuire’s would want some good looking food pictures! I can never do it justice because of that damn light.

Pizzas are HUGE! Like, crazy huge. My husband did some serious damage on his half. Me, not so much. (I’m the pepperoni and onion side)

Vinny McGuire pizza

Vinny McGuire's slice

Vinny McGuire’s has totally nailed the cheese. It’s super cheesy without being stringy or chewy. The sauce is perfect and the crust is thin(er) and flaky.

I love it. If you’re out during lunch time, hit up Vinny McGuire’s – you’ll thank me.

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