Starbucks – Pumpkin Spice Latte

I get it. People like pumpkin. Mostly women under the age of 25 – they want pumpkin everything, apparently (cat litter, tampons, jeesh).

I enjoy pumpkin pie. Maybe a pumpkin bread or roll. That’s it. I don’t want to smell like pumpkin, I don’t need everything around me to be pumpkin scented and I certainly don’t need items that should NEVER be pumpkin (M&M’s), to be pumpkin. Get a grip, America.

I love coffee. Like, to the point that it’s a tad ridiculous. However, I don’t like coffee flavored things – ice cream, candy, ICED coffee, etc. Just HOT coffee – I don’t even particularly like many flavorings. (Hazelnut – puke). Mocha is the most I can handle. I like it sweet (splenda!) with cream. The end.

I realize I’m cranky- you should see me BEFORE coffee – BUT…I was, for a brief broken down moment, willing to give the Pumpkin Spice Latte (which has been termed PSL by those affected greatly by its return) a whirl.

I’m not crazy about Starbucks – I get it because it’s on the way to the grocery store. My coffee of choice will always be Dunkin – it’s just pure coffee perfection. Their donuts are crap but their coffee…that’s stuff that dreams are made of. I digress.

I wanted to know what all the PSL hoopla was about. Maybe I was being too strict on my coffee stance. Maybe I WAS missing out on something truly delicious?

My plan was to boot off any “extra” shakings or toppings they put on it – I hate nutmeg with a fiery, burning passion and that was my fear for the PSL spices.

Starbucks cup

Yes, it’s a Starbucks cup – those pretentious little bastards.

BTW – ordering, I felt like a predictable brainwashed pumpkin fool. Even the barista gave me the eye. She told me that she liked the old recipe better.

PSL better

It’s orange. Orange! On no planet should coffee ever be orange. I was dreading drinking it. My daughter kept asking me WHY I was doing this to myself. I wanted to be proven wrong!

Took a sip – thick, orange, warm pumpkin puke. Truly, it tasted like a warm overly pumpkin pie sliding down my throat. I was all done. In my mind, the drink would be coffee with a hint of pumpkin taste. Not just straight pumpkin sludge. My instincts were absolutely correct – it was horrendous.

I’ll leave the PSL to those that really have no interest in drinking coffee. Can you say Pumpkin Spice Blah-tte? I’ll stick to my normal, hot, bold coffee – sweet and creamy. I’m a simple girl – who goes coo coo for coffee.

Seriously – don’t talk to me before I’ve had some.


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