Oriental Wok – Hyde Park

Most everyone knows by now that I’m not a fan of Chinese food – I mean, it’s fine. But, I wouldn’t go out of my way to ever pick it.

It was my girl’s 19th birthday and she just wanted to go out to dinner with her mama (that’s me!) and her favorite food is…Chinese. I wanted to pick a nicer Chinese restaurant – you know, one that doesn’t involve a buffet. 😉

That’s how we landed on Oriental Wok in Hyde Park.

I’m going to be completely honest in that I was completely oblivious as to how to find the restaurant. I had NO clue that it was IN the hotel. I kept circling – the valet sign was pointing (in my mind) to the wrong location. Finally, got my head out of my ass and figured it out. We pulled up to the complimentary valet and waited…no one ever came so we just parked ourselves.

Super cute on the inside – I did notice that we were some of the youngest people there. Keep in mind that I’m 40.


Menus were fun, too – yep, easily amused, people.


Our server was a tad awkward – we couldn’t decide if he was new or if my daughter and I are just intimidatingly hot. 😉 I think he was new.

We’re the typical Americans – we got some Crab Rangoon  and Pot Stickers for appetizers. I like few Chinese things – give me the fried pieces of yumminess!

Crab Rangoon

Best crab rangoon EVER. It was absolutely perfect. We could have scarfed on those all night.


I’m a fan of crispy dumplings – these just weren’t good. Too big – crispy on the one side, squishy on the other. We had a few left. 😦

Oh, yeah – I was disappointed that we couldn’t get a pot of tea! I know I’m probably old school but I miss the days of the full on Chinese experience.

My daughter got the General Wong’s Chicken

Maddie chicken

She loved it!

I got the Mongolian Shrimp – I was going back and forth between that and the Moo Shu Pork.


I should have gone with my 2nd choice. It tasted bleh – just okay.

Fried Rice


Egg Roll – we split one between both of us. What’s Chinese without an egg roll?

Egg roll

We both hated the egg roll – we took one bite each and it just remained there. The whole peanut butter thing, NOT working for the egg roll. Puke.

And, of course…

Fortune cookie

That’s a fortune cookie not pac man.

It was sweet that they came out and sang for my daughter’s birthday – she even got to rub buddha’s belly for good luck.

Rubbing Buddha belly

I loved that Oriental Wok is family owned – everyone was super sweet and gave great service. I loved the crab rangoon – I might even be willing to give another entrée a try. But, food-wise, I was underwhelmed. But, my birthday girl loved it and that’s all that matters!
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