Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant

It’s that time of year again – the time that the husband and I celebrate our love and marriage…October!

Our typical anniversary restaurant is Eddie Merlot’s – it makes me so happy. But, the husband decided to go rogue this year and picked Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant

I had mixed feelings – while I love trying new restaurants (uh, hello, food blog!), I just wasn’t feeling it after looking at the menu. The menu wasn’t cohesive and I couldn’t get a grasp on what food they were known for. Yes, I get it’s a winery but they also have food. 😉 But, because I’m willing to be flexible and because they had wine, I ignored my menu skepticism and booked a table.

The restaurant is beautiful – trendy but not pretentious.


The husband, even though he doesn’t drink, loved the big wine dispensers. He was trying to convince me to get a bottle of wine so we’d get this…

Wine dispensers

I prefer to be coherent while eating dinner so, I just went with a white wine flight –> so fun!

Landing pad

wine flight pad


White wine flight

Our server was awesome – I wish I could remember her name. But, I’m 40 so it’ll never come to me. But, she was definitely on top of it all night!

The menu – can you believe that up until I ordered, I still had NO idea what I was getting? It had me perplexed!


For an appetizer, we got the Asian Pork Belly Tostadas

Pork belly tostadas

Those were awesomely delicious – every little crunchy bite was filled with pork belly goodness. They disappeared rapidly.

Everyone gets bread – the pretzel variety!

Pretzel bread better

The husband loved it. I thought it needed some salt – I mean, it was a pretzel and all.

The husband got the Surf and Turf – Crab Cakes and Parmesan Crusted Filet Medallions with wasabi mashed potatoes. Like I get sucked into all things goat cheese, he gets sucked into all things wasabi.

Mike surf and turf

He loved it. I think he preferred the filet to the crab cakes but…he’s a guy so…

I started with a cup of Crab and Lobster Bisque ( I’m a senior citizen at heart and love soup)

Crab and Lobster bisque

I loved the first few bites but then the veggies got to be a little overwhelming. To be fair, it did have good crab and lobster consistency so I’ll consider it a soup win.

After much deliberation and I’m still not quite sure what my deciding factor was, I chose the Red Wine Braised Short Ribs. I think it was the onion straws that pushed me in that direction.

Braised short ribs

I hate saying this but it reminded me of pot roast. I wasn’t a fan of the grilled celery (that’s so wrong on so many levels). The sauce and the onions were awesome, however. Instead of mashed potatoes, I got Betty’s Potatoes (basically, hash brown casserole).

Potatoes Betty

Frickin’ yum. The husband kept stealing bites.

We were super full so we got dessert. 😉 I knew, even though it was OUR anniversary, that I was never winning any dessert argument. He always wants chocolate. I don’t. But, since he wanted dessert more and I wanted wine more, he got to choose.

Cooper’s Hawk Chocolate Cake

cake better

Okay, so I don’t even love chocolate like my husband does but that was some damn good chocolate cake. It had this whippy mousse on top – so yum. I took 3 bites and then continued on with my wine.

Winemaker’s Barrel Reserve – Bordeaux

Red wine

I love red wine. I miss red wine. Have I mentioned that I’m slightly allergic to it? Yeah, it makes my nose get stuffy and my cheeks get flushed. But, it was so worth popping a benedryl for!

The night was perfect because I was with the love of my life. I really enjoyed the pork belly tostadas, the potatoes and the cake. Oh, and the wine! But, is this one of my new favorite restaurants? No.

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