Hofbrauhaus – Newport

We were invited to celebrate with some awesome friends at the Hofbrauhaus a few weeks ago. It’s been quite a few years (maybe, 8 years?) since we’ve been there. Perfect opportunity to blog about German food things!

I would say that I don’t like german food but that’s not true – I like sauerkraut, goetta, pretzels and German style potato salad.  And, I really love to scream “WIENER SCHNITZEL!”. Does that count? So – I was willing to give Hofbrauhaus new foodie eyes.

We were on a super long wait – but, I think that has to do more with the beer than the food. 😉

I didn’t get beer – oddly enough, just not in the mood. We were just back from vacation and I had an evening full of margaritas while in Destin. Wasn’t quite ready to drink much of anything.

What do you do when you’re Americans in a German restaurant? Order Pretzels for an appetizer!


The pretzels were delicious (needed more salt but I say that about most things) and the bier cheese? So frickin’ yum!

The husband ordered the Wurstlplatte (I think that means a bunch of wienies on a plate) but got potato pancakes instead of mashed potatoes. I approved of his substitution.

Mett Platter

That potato pancake was awesome – super crispy outside but creamy on the inside. It did need a sauce (not ketchup).

I was having a hard time deciding on something. My mind just was constantly yelling, “Wiener Schnitzel” because my inner 5-year-old was on fire.

My brain shut down and I got my go to…A Reuben. Yes, I know. Branching out of my comfort zone.


Loved the swirl rye. The corned beef was okay. Fries were horrendous. Honestly, my Reuben at McGuire’s (in destin) was better than this one. And that one is made by the Irish! The husband had no issues polishing off the other half. We’re both suckers for 1000 island.

I suppose I don’t really dislike German food. I love some aspects of it. But I have a tendency to gravitate toward more bold flavors (hence, my love of Mexican) and german is a smidgen bland.

I had a great time with great friends and the Hofbrauhaus is always quite the experience. But, if the hubby and I are choosing a date night restaurant, this isn’t it.

Hofbrauhaus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato






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