Poynor’s Pomme Frites – Pigeon Forge, TN

Yes, lots of fancy wording for Fried Potatoes – AKA: Fries!

I’ll admit, one of my secret (or not so secret) restaurant dreams is to open up a french fry shop – nothing but delicious, homemade french fries, served with sauces upon sauces upon sauces.

That’s what Poynor’s Pomme Frites does! Except they add in sausages and ice cream too. That’s about 2 more items than I would ever do. Poynor’s is located at The Island in Pigeon Forge – it’s tucked in right alongside of the awesomely huge ferris wheel. Parking is a bit of a cluster for the Island so…go to the far right when pulling in, park by a tram stop and let the tram bring you right to the entrance of the Island. So many awesome shops back there!

I was already sucked in by the concept. We just wanted something “small” to tide us over until our big dinner at Paula Deen’s. And, we all really enjoy fries. My biggest worry would be what sauces to pick.

My daughter got the cheesy pomme frites (with jalapenos and bacon and onions and all things delicious). She chose the chipotle ranch to go with them. Solid choice – I raised her right.

Cheesy Fries.jpg

I didn’t dedicate myself to my own item because I knew my kids would over order. I definitely plucked off my share of these perfect fries. My daughter was in heaven.

My son and I split a large pomme frites – he got ketchup and I got the jalapeno ranch and coo coo sauce (horseradish sauce – think, bloomin’ onion sauce).

Pomme Frites

That is a cone filled with salty fried potato awesomeness. The fries were crispy and fresh. Hot and salty. Even though we split them, I don’t think we even made a significant dent in them. So much for our “small” meal!

My husband was a little hungrier so he did get a sausage (I have no clue what he got – sorry!) with his fries. And, his sauce choice was wasabi mayo! I loved that they have a full carrier of different mustards for the sausages.


You do pay a little bit more for food on The Island – our total for the cheesy fries, 1 large fry, the combo (his had a large fry too) and 3 drinks was around $38. But, I will pay that all day long for homemade food that’s locally owned.

Which leads me to…my daughter and I were chatting with the owner. They were awesome and helpful and so passionate about what they’re doing. I love that they not only have opened a restaurant but they also give back to the community and to mission trips. I love their foodie hearts and souls!

If you’re in Pigeon Forge and you’d like a delicious, fast lunch or dinner – go to Poynor’s and grab some pomme frites…it’s a unique, fun and tasty experience!

Poynor's Pommes Frites Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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