Christmas Cookies 2015

I hate baking. I CAN bake and I do it quite well. Like I told my husband…I feel like something magical happens when I bake. (He claims I’m an egomaniac) But I still hate it.

So, what did the reluctant baker make this Christmas, cookie-wise?

Chocolate Chip – yes, so not inspiring but still a family favorite. AND, a family recipe.

Chocolate Chip

Snickerdoodles – a lot of people claim not to like these but that means that they haven’t had MINE.


Sugar cookies – again, I make the best WITH stackable delicious icing. Thanks to my daughter and her friend for their decorating abilities.

Sugar cookies

And, because the snow globes looked like mushrooms, this happened.



Lemon Cups – one of my favorites!

Lemon cups

Berger Cookies – it’s a Baltimore thing?

Berger cookies

Russian Teacakes with Chocolate Chips – my mom is horrified that I would add chocolate chips. My philosophy is that everything is better with a smidgen of chocolate, right?

Russian Teacakes

And powdered sugar is the herpes of the baking world. Seriously.

Full Cookie Tray

Cookie tray

I also made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing that I loaded into a mason jar. Attach a spoon and voila! Instant portable treat!

Cupcake jar front

Cupcake jar back

And, so concludes cookie season 2015!

Seriously, I hate it.

Merry Christmas and happy baking!

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