Thanksgiving 2015

Since I cook for a living, I consider Thanksgiving to be my cooking Superbowl. I know it seems like I’m a control freak (okay, I am a little) but I just really enjoy making everything…I encourage those coming to Thanksgiving dinner at my house to just bring themselves and an appetite. I LOVE doing it.

I have perfected and streamlined Thanksgiving – it’s no longer a challenge thanks to a double oven, metal disposable pans and brining the turkey (that bad boy cooks FAST).

What does someone who cooks and blogs make for Thanksgiving? Look and see…it’s not as hoity toity as you might like to believe!

Brining the turkey

Brining turkey

Grabbing those sliders a day early…

Crave case.jpg

Make that bread stale!

Staling bread

Out of the oven – brined, golden and delicious!

Turkey finished

And, here’s where opinions and traditions fly – this is what we enjoy on our table. I like the traditional mixed with the new.

Mashed Potatoes (with loads of butter – is there any other way?)

Mashed Potatoes

There was also a crapton of gravy that I didn’t take a picture of. You can never have too much gravy.

Crunchy topped Sweet Potato Casserole (Ruth Chris’ recipe)

Sweet Potato Casserole

Traditional Dressing (a family recipe) When the celery and onions hit the 20 sticks of butter, it smells like Thanksgiving has arrived!

Traditional dressing

White Castle Dressing – you know, because we can.

WC dressing

7 – layer salad (gotta have some green things…mixed with bacon and mayo)

7 layer salad

Green Beans – please note, none of that creamy casserole crap. I just can’t. My one snobby cook moment. These had a vinaigrette on them.

Green beans

And, why not another starch…or 2.

Creamy Corn Casserole

Creamy corn casserole

Macaroni and Cheese – requested by my daughter and sister. Of course, my daughter and I were battling about pasta shape. I wanted penne or corkscrew. She wanted shells. I found bigger shells so I let her have her way. This time.

Macaroni and cheese

And, what’s Thanksgiving without the ridged, sliced jellied cranberry sauce? I’ve given up the fight of making fresh cranberry sauce – I love it but no one else does.

Cranberry sauce

I’ll admit – there’s something fairly comforting about those slices.

Oh and we had rolls and more rolls. The crescent kind. It’s what everyone craves and enjoys so it saves me from making homemade bread. I’m good.

Lots of dessert. Some wine. Okay, I had a whole bottle.

I love cooking Thanksgiving. I love having a day, reflecting on our blessings throughout the year. I love spending time with loved ones. And, I love feeding people (what I hope is) delicious food!

Looking forward to Thanksgiving 2016!








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