TGIF – Western Hills

It’s been a good 7 years since I’ve been to a Friday’s. There’s nothing really appealing about it. I hate that the menu is ungodly huge. I hate that it’s a sub-par chain. I just don’t understand it’s appeal, in general.

However, after doing a bit of Black Friday shopping, my kids wanted to go there for a fast lunch.Why? Appetizers. Dammit. That will do people in every time.

They BOTH got the Pick 3 appetizers…

My daughter got the wings, potato skins and mozzarella sticks (after much deliberation)

Pick 3 Maddie

My son got the wings, pretzels (surprise!) and mozzarella sticks.

Pick 3 Mikey

And, like I predicted, they could have shared one. Mother knows best.

I got the Tostado Nachos


They were good but let me be VERY clear here – they were $10!!! Are you frickin’ kidding me? On what planet are 8 tortilla chips, topped with cheese and beans worth $10???!!! Apparently, planet Friday’s. And, they were probably a little more because I got a side of guacamole (sour cream or guac SHOULD have come with them, Friday’s)


And, my pet peeve – putting sauces, condiments, etc on a bed of lettuce. Just don’t do it. If I wanted guacamole lettuce, I would have ASKED for guacamole lettuce. Seriously, just put it in a damn ramekin and we’ll all be happy.

My short lunch excursion, based on apps, put me back $50, without the tip. You know what ain’t nobody got time for? That.

I can go a full 7 more years without eating there again.

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