Tavern on the Bend

The husband and I were craving some fries (do you see a pattern in our lives?) on a Saturday night and wanted something different close by.

After serious deliberation, we ended up at Tavern on the Bend. Kind of reminds me of Keystone Bar and Grill – burgers and mac’n’cheeses. Hey, I like the simple, remember? I would enjoy just a few more appetizers choices. We have been there a couple of times before so we knew what we were in for.

I’ve never ordered one of the many mac’n’cheeses – I always gravitate to the burgers. That night, I veered. (show ya later)

As an appetizer, we ordered pretzel sticks. Between my best friend, my son and my husband, there will not a pretzel stick undiscovered in this city, dammit!


Hands down, the BEST pretzels that I’ve ever had, anywhere, at any restaurant in this city. Yes, that includes the german ones, too. I’m not sure what happened to make these pretzels so awesome but I’m pretty sure that magic had to occur. I’d go back just for these.

My hubby got a burger – it’s been a while and there’s no online menu but I believe it had jalapenos on it.


You can’t tell here – but, his burger was bloody red. Now, he doesn’t mind the pink but it was bleeding all over the bun and plate. It was sent back and when it came back out, it was on the SAME soggy, bloody bun. Nothing fixed – except that now the burger was charcoal. I was in horror and shock that it was sent out like that. The kitchen needs to be ashamed. I should have taken an after picture but I was kind of embarrassed to post it.

I got the grilled Mahi sandwich.

Mahi sandwich

It was okay. My bottom bun was soggy and the fish needed some flavor. I wouldn’t order it again.

As for the fries that we went there for – our food was set down, the husband grabbed and ate a fry and SALTED his fries. He NEVER does this. Me? I’m like a salt lick and I think everything needs salt. The fries were seriously plain if he shook that shaker. He just handed it to me and said, “Don’t even try it – just salt it.” Bad sign. The thing is, fries need to be salted when they’re hot and fresh from the fryer. Shaking it on later doesn’t do much good.

Typically, Tavern on the Bend does a good job. Hoping that their kitchen was just having an “off” night.

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2 thoughts on “Tavern on the Bend

  1. We went there when it first opened, food was good, went back several times after, and it just seemed to go downhill from then on. Not much on good service there, but just like most places, it’s either good service or good food!

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