McAlister’s – Blue Ash

Working in Blue Ash, I’ve heard about McAlister’s but I’ve never actually been there. However, as I was stalking their menu, I noticed something. The nacho description – it appeared to be a description of perfect nachos. My nacho-loving, foodie self flocked to McAlister’s, right before Christmas to scout out these intriguing nachos.

Because my college attending daughter loves free food, she met me there. Teen people are good for that. 😉

Blue Ash is crazy during lunch time – uber busy. Luckily, we got there around 2ish so…we were dining almost solo! I like the simple set up – order at the counter, get your drink and a number and the food is brought out to you.

I got nachos (surprised?) and an Iced Tea…apparently, they’re known for that, too.

MA iced tea

It was damn awesome iced tea! Fresh, perfect brew and super cold.

MA perfect nachos

Just take a look – tortilla chips, layered with melted cheese AND shredded cheese, chili, black olives, jalapenos, tomatoes, green onions, sour cream and GUACAMOLE! Boom – perfect nachos! And, I believe they were only 7.99!

My daughter got a half Reuben and a half potato. I raised her right.

MA Reuben and potato

That is a 1/2 potato – seriously! It was HUGE!

MA reuben

I was too focused on my nachos to try hers but neither the sandwich nor the potato stood a chance.

My daughter and I were both in love with McAlister’s – it’s a deli, doing things simple and right. The bonus? ALL of the above (plus, my daughter’s tea) was under $20!

So, you nacho junkies – GET to McAlister’s for your nacho fix!

McAlister's Deli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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