Bru Burger Bar – Downtown

It’s actually been a couple of months since I’ve been to Bru Burger – what can I say? I’m a blogging slacker! Or, I’ve been busy… 😉

A group of us went for a pre-Bachelorette party dinner. Trendy, new and burgers? Hells, yah!

It’s beautiful inside – a bit smaller than I anticipated the space to be but, still beautiful. The servers got a little testy if your chair was a 1/2 inch in their space. Welcome to downtown dining.

We had some cocktails – I believe we did a shot but I have no clue what it was! Also – I might have had several of the Peach Margaritas. 


Holy delicious! I suppose that’s why it was so easy to slurp down about 4.

For the table, started off with a couple appetizers…

The Triple Dip


Goat Cheese was awesome. And, who can refuse Naan? I’m not a fan of hummus in general but took a little swipe anyway. It was hummus. I just read an article today about how hipsters have destroyed food set up – the “board” was on the list. 🙂



Needed more salt but, your basic soft pretzel.

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Total and complete yum. Crispy and quickly consumed!

My burger – Provencal Burger


I love goat cheese so that’s what sucked me into this burger. I wasn’t impressed though – the burger was pretty dry. The bun was tasty. I DID enjoy the fries even though I had to salt them.

I don’t know if I picked the “wrong” burger (of course, my philosophy on that is this…I shouldn’t have to pick the one item that they do well – everything should be good) or if Bru Burger was having just an “off” night.

I had an awesome time with some fun women. Our server was amazing – I’m sure it wasn’t easy dealing with a group of 8 women that were swinging back cocktails. He definitely deserves some major props! However, based on food, I definitely don’t need to travel downtown for this burger again. Especially since I have some amazing burgers in my own neighborhood.

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One thought on “Bru Burger Bar – Downtown

  1. Had a salad at this chain in Louisville. A really good salad with the most tasteless dressing that I wish I would have tasted before putting on. No flavor what so ever, just oil.

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