Asiago’s Skillet – Destin 2016

So, it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve blogged about food – like, almost a year.  It’s not that I still don’t enjoy food…I might have gotten sucked up by the glorious invention that is Netflix. More specifically, Supernatural.

I’ve got some food blogging to make up! Since we’re headed into the summer months (yah!), might as well start off with some vacation destination food. Even if it is from last summer’s vacation…

Most everyone knows how much I complain about breakfast food – I’m a pretty hard person to please. I DO enjoy Another Broken Egg Cafe but, it’s pretty pricey (it’s eggs, for the love of pete) and they got kind of stingy with the fillings/toppings. The Donut Hole could be a valid choice but in the 10 years of vacationing in Destin, we’ve NEVER been able to get in to eat there. I won’t wait 2 hours for breakfast AND I don’t like that they don’t have a seating system. Get your lives together, Donut Hole. Plus, their donuts are crappy. <– I’m sure that statement just pissed off a bunch of Destinites.

BUT – Asiago’s Skillet came along in Destin last summer. Just go ahead and look at their menu. It’s a thing of creative beauty. I had really high hopes that this could be our new breakfast place. Was it?

The great news (for us) was that Asiago’s Skillet was new on the breakfast scene so parking wasn’t an issue. The other upside was that the space is pretty big (in a land of teeny breakfast spots).

Although we had an idea of what we wanted, it all sounded so good so final decisions were hard to come by.

In the end, this is what happened, food-wise…

Local Breakfast Sandwich

Local Sandwich

French Toast (my bestie LOVES her powdered sugar…)

French Toast

This would be the Asiago’s Big Breakfast Bowl AND what I got – yes, it was as amazing as it looks!

Asiago's Big Breakfast Bowl

American Breakfast

American Breakfast

Seafood Omelet

Seafood Omelet and pancakes

Kid’s Breakfast

Kid breakfast with pancakes

Okay – everything was AWESOME. However, my son, got a side biscuit with his breakfast order and it quickly became the item that we ALL were salivating over.

This – the honey butter biscuit.

Honey Butter Biscuit

Yes, look upon it. Perfection in one turquoise bowl.

And, that is why we all found an excuse to come back again. Us, the vacationers that only eat breakfast out 1 time in 2 weeks. We were willing to sacrifice beach time for Asiago’s Skillet’s breakfast.

Second time around? Well, my daughter and her boyfriend were in town and although there was a french toast and basic breakfast repeat, everyone on the left side of the table got the King of the Biscuits (read that menu description…)

King of the Biscuits better

I don’t need to say anything.

I did change my order the 2nd time around  (all because of the honey butter biscuit). I got the Chorizo Omelet with a side of potatoes that were Shipwrecked and that delicious biscuit on the side. A PERFECT Destin breakfast, everyone. Actually, a perfect breakfast no matter where in the world you are.


BOTH times we were there, the manager/owner came out to make sure we were happy with our breakfast experience. I, since then, have liked their page on Facebook and learned that they have a Bloody Mary Bar (hello, awesome) and that they’re just all around fantastic, LOCAL owners.

I know a lot of Cincinnati peeps vacation in Destin – if you are there and want a fabulous breakfast that won’t break the bank, go to Asiago’s Skillet. They are doing it all the right way. Skip the Donut Hole, skip Another Broken Egg (except to buy a coffee mug), skip the Pancakery, skip The Breakfast Place.  You’ll thank me.

Asiago's Skillet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

One thought on “Asiago’s Skillet – Destin 2016

  1. Have to agree about Asiago. There original location is on Okaloosa. And we do not usually go out for breakfast, but it is yummy.

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