We had friends that were raving about Mazunte – let me just preface this by saying that I’m very picky (picky is probably the wrong term here) when it comes to Mexican food. Or, food in general. It’s very rare that I eat something and I’m overwhelmed by its deliciousness.  “Hard to impress” is probably a better description.

Headed to Mazunte on a hot Saturday, around 6PM. There’s a unique system they have for seating – since there’s not a lot. You get in line. A nice staff member hands you a table holder…

Mazunte table holder

As you’re waiting in line, he’s scouting out the best possible location for you to sit. (Probably not a good idea to come with a huge party) I felt like I couldn’t trust the system…we shall see.

The Mazunte Menu is pretty simple – by simple, I mean short and to the point. (which I LOVE!) Because of other bloggers/reviewer suggestions, I had a good idea as to what I was going to get. We waited for about 5/10 minutes to make it to the register to order. In that time, I was scoping out the Mazunte situation. There was a stand with ice, bottle openers, salt and lime. Along with a container of sangria (maybe?) and horchata. There was a corner of the restaurant dedicated to the Salsa Bar. (FRESH made chips with 4 salsa choices – seriously, heaven) AND, figured out that the woman making chips was also in charge of the margaritas (learned that on our 2nd visit – yeah.)

I was good to go. The husband was having issues figuring out his best choices. He’s a sucker for the tostadas so I had a feeling he was headed in that direction.

So – here we go…

Chips, Salsa and Guac, of course!

Chips and Guac

They are fresh, hot, crispy and leave just the right amount of oil on your hands. I was focused on the guacamole, so can’t speak too much on the salsa. My thoughts on the guacamole – eh, it was okay. Too mushy for my taste. Needed some chunk. ( I guess in some circumstances, chunky is a good thing) But, I’m never refusing any guacamole.

And, I called it – the husband got the Tostadas


Seriously – way better looking than any tostadas I’ve ever seen before. He LOVED them.

Since we were indecisive and really wanted to try a taco, we got the Taco Trio too. 2 Steak and 1 Fish (me)

Taco trio

My husband was digging his steak taco. For me, the fish taco was just okay – probably because I was totally and completely in love with my meal…

The Pork Enchiladas with Verde Sauce

Enchiladas better

Let me just say, this whole plate was perfection. You know when you get full but your taste buds just scream for more? That’s where I was toward the end of this. In real life, I’m not even a fan of enchiladas but these…these are enchiladas that people should write poetry about. Every component was perfect and cohesive. The pickled onions, the queso fresco, the crema…the verde sauce! (again, not my normal choice) I just ate in silence and wonder. Our friends totally nailed it with this place and the suggestion!

We loved it so much that we came back the NEXT week. Yes, we were that in love with it. This time, I ditched the side taco and got the enchiladas (again) and a margarita this time.


Since the drinks are self-serve, you must have an “M’ on your cup to get that yummy (strong!) margarita from the woman making tortillas. Margarita was awesome. 2 might have sent me over the loopy edge.

Second go around, we were still in love with it. And, I was a bit feisty that we’d be unable to go for a 3rd Saturday. BTW – the husband got his tostadas again (he will never vary – that’s just who he is once he finds something he likes) but he discovered that you can just get a single taco! So, if you want to try a side taco, you don’t have to get the full on trio.

I love that Mazunte is set up in a basic manner – but the ingredients are fresh, authentic, creative and anything but basic. If you’re looking for a taste explosion and you loved Mexican food, go to Mazunte. My suggestion is to get there a bit earlier on the weekends because around 6, it’s packed. Follow and trust the seating system, it works. And, get things the way that they prepare them! Each ingredient adds something to the dish.

Next time around? Yes, we’re going again (soon, I hope!) – I’m going to try the Memelitas. (read that menu description) Unlike the husband, I’m willing to give new things a whirl. 🙂

Mazunte Taqueria Mexicana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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