The Public House – Cheviot

I knew that The Public House was a bar in Cheviot, so I was a bit hesitant to go there just for a dinner. Wasn’t sure if we’d be given “the eye” or not. I know regulars are pretty possessive of their space. 🙂 Hey, I am.

But, I heard (from my Cheviot bar/restaurant frequenters) that they had really good burgers and some good pizza too. You know the husband and me…burgers and fries. (and pizza!) We’re in!

When I walked in, I could immediately tell why it’s a welcome spot for regulars – it’s comfy, big and you could tell that the bartenders and servers knew most of the people in there. I’m down for a “Cheers”. We were greeted warmly and shown to a table – no “eyes” were given. 😉

The menu is simple (love that!) – appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. Hey, I’m down with that.

Even though it’s not my favorite appetizer, the husband wanted Soft Pretzels. Between him, my son and my bestie, I’ll never escape the soft pretzels!


I only took a couple of bites – they’re just too fluffy and filling for me. They were fine – needed some more salt. Yes, I’m aware that I say that about all things. The husband had no issue taking them down.

So that we could maximize our choices – we split a burger and a pizza. In theory, good idea. But, I eat so little that I knew a lot was going in to go boxes. Hunger knows no reason.

Bah Bah Black Sheep


Burger inside

That right there is a damn good burger. Really – pretty perfect. I LOVE that bacon and runny egg. I’d get super upset if the egg yolk was cooked. The husband and I were elbowing for bites. Okay, maybe not – since we split it in half. But, I’d poke him in the eye if he’d try to get in the way.

I needed (yes, needed) a side of Parmesan garlic fries.


I liked the plain fries but there was something off-putting about these topped fries. I’m not quite sure what it was (well, minus the wrong dipping sauce of marinara – just, no) but, I was really wishing for a more garlic taste. Maybe the parmesan was overbearing?

Our pizza – The Firehouse


It just wasn’t good. The dough was way too puffy. The sauce was just okay. We each ate one piece and didn’t take it home with us. My sister said that the pizza has changed (not for the better) in the past few months. Yeah, we’ll stick with the burgers. Dewey’s still has my pizza love.

Our service was awesome. It was a great atmosphere. Pricing was good. Burger was fantastic – and we’ll totally go back again because of that!

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Bru Burger Bar – Downtown

It’s actually been a couple of months since I’ve been to Bru Burger – what can I say? I’m a blogging slacker! Or, I’ve been busy… 😉

A group of us went for a pre-Bachelorette party dinner. Trendy, new and burgers? Hells, yah!

It’s beautiful inside – a bit smaller than I anticipated the space to be but, still beautiful. The servers got a little testy if your chair was a 1/2 inch in their space. Welcome to downtown dining.

We had some cocktails – I believe we did a shot but I have no clue what it was! Also – I might have had several of the Peach Margaritas. 


Holy delicious! I suppose that’s why it was so easy to slurp down about 4.

For the table, started off with a couple appetizers…

The Triple Dip


Goat Cheese was awesome. And, who can refuse Naan? I’m not a fan of hummus in general but took a little swipe anyway. It was hummus. I just read an article today about how hipsters have destroyed food set up – the “board” was on the list. 🙂



Needed more salt but, your basic soft pretzel.

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Total and complete yum. Crispy and quickly consumed!

My burger – Provencal Burger


I love goat cheese so that’s what sucked me into this burger. I wasn’t impressed though – the burger was pretty dry. The bun was tasty. I DID enjoy the fries even though I had to salt them.

I don’t know if I picked the “wrong” burger (of course, my philosophy on that is this…I shouldn’t have to pick the one item that they do well – everything should be good) or if Bru Burger was having just an “off” night.

I had an awesome time with some fun women. Our server was amazing – I’m sure it wasn’t easy dealing with a group of 8 women that were swinging back cocktails. He definitely deserves some major props! However, based on food, I definitely don’t need to travel downtown for this burger again. Especially since I have some amazing burgers in my own neighborhood.

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