Loco Burro – Gatlinburg, TN

As we checked into our hotel, we discovered that the Dolly parade (or something like that) was headed our direction. We decided that it would be a good time to head into Gatlinburg and do some shopping. I’m not a parade person. 😉

We stopped at Mel’s Diner for lunch so we knew it was going to be a minute until we were hungry for dinner. Thankfully, I was ready to shop! As we walked, the husband and I saw that Loco Burro had rooftop seating – I love guacamole and we needed to kill some time…plus, people watching in Gatlinburg is top-notch.

Because of the parade, it wasn’t busy at all – score! Our server and service was awesome – fast, friendly, we chatted with her for a bit. 🙂

Since we weren’t crazy hungry, we just (Okay, just me!) had some drinks to start with…

Blueberry Margarita

Burro Loco Blueberry marg

Yum – super sweet but still yum!

Then, to kill some more time…

Burro Loco Marg

I wish I could remember what it was – I’m not particular when it comes to the margaritas!

We discovered that we were never going to be hungry enough for a meal – which is sad because all of the food around us looked amazing! The husband got the 6-Layer Dip appetizer…it was like a meal. Crazy huge.

Burro Loco Layer Dip

Okay – this next picture, sums up how perfect this whole experience was.

Burro Loco Guac Station

Seriously. A Guacamole cart/station when you order table side guacamole. My whole trip was complete at that point.

Burro Loco Guac

Mmm…guac. It needed a bit more lime and salt (to be fair, she asked me if I’d like to add anything extra but I felt guilty for being picky…) but, it’s guac.

The husband and I really enjoyed our experience here – I know it’s not southern fare but if you’re in Gatlinburg and looking for a place for some drinks and for a great atmosphere…this is it. The bonus? Mechanical burro riding, people. Enough said.

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Surf Hut – Destin 2015

I spend a lot of time talking crap about how terrible restaurants on the beach are – about how they don’t have to be good because of the ocean view. About how prices are jacked up because of the location. About the lack of good service because we get to stare at the ocean while eating. I really had low expectations for Surf Hut. The only reason I get suckered into trying it was because I was told that the fish tacos there were awesome. Fish tacos? Yes, my ears perk up automatically. But, again, low expectations.

First glance, Surf Hut is cutesy. (good parking though!) Menu is a little different and limited <–which I, admittedly,  love. But, I was skeptical.

Our server was Derek (he gave me Surf Hut’s card – too cute and good social media attention!) Derek was awesome – attentive, approved our choices, got us drinks fast and without asking – everything you could hope for in a server. 😉

Pretty much, I knew what I was getting going in (um, fish tacos – duh!).

Surf Hut cup better

We started off with a couple of appetizers – Fried Pickles

Surf Hut Fried Pickles

I knew that they were sweet bread and butter pickles before I ordered them. I liked them – great crunch- but I would have preferred just regular dill pickles.


Surf Hut Calamari

Mozzarella Sticks

Surf Hut Fried Mozz

My son was in love with these cheese triangles. I consider him a connoisseur of fried cheese so I’ll have to take his word for it.

Crab Dip (my daughter’s meal)

Surf Hut crab dip

She said it was the best crab dip that she’s ever had – in her whole 18 years of life.


Surf Hut Cheeseburger


Surf Hut gumbo

This was voted the 2nd best gumbo of the trip (Stewby’s was first)

Fried Fish (Grouper) Sandwich

Surf Hut fish sandwich

That’s a nice coating!

I *believe* this is the Seared Gulf Grouper

Surf Hut fish

Shrimp Tacos

Surf Hut shrimp tacos

And mine – the Taco Trio (fish, shrimp and pork)

Surf hut taco trio better

Pork Taco solo

Surf hut Pork taco

You know, the pork taco was a mighty fine taco too. LOVED the pickled onions on top. And, Surf Hut wasn’t afraid to give me a good portion of pork in the taco.

And, the fish taco – solo

Surf Hut fish tacos

That, my food gazing friends, is a perfect fish taco – blackened fish, cabbage, pico, drizzle of chipotle aoili and…guacamole!

Surf Hut nailed and perfected the fish taco. The BEST fish taco in Destin. I’ve tried them all – really. I even told our server that and his response? “I knew you’d say that.” Yep, he knows that the fish taco is damn delicious. What’s the magic? Simple ingredients, fresh fish, specific toppings and GUACAMOLE. I might have yelled there.

Everyone enjoyed their food. I can’t say that about every restaurant we visit! 😉

Surf Hut, to me, is the best restaurant directly on the ocean. Back Porch can take a leap.

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