Buffalo Wild Wings – Harrison, OH

My son has recently developed a love for chicken wings. He’s a little late to the buffalo wing game but I’m just glad that he’s eating something different.

After church, a few Sundays ago, we were solo and wanted some apps – more specifically, my son wanted wings and pretzels. Yep, he’s definitely becoming a man.

We’ve been to Buffalo Wild Wings before, of course, and it’s 1 of the 5 restaurants in Harrison but hey, I like blogging and taking food pictues so…get over it.

I like this location – it’s HUGE. Lots of tv’s for the football watching. And, the running kids aren’t as noticeable because of the restaurant’s vastness. Please note sarcasm and judgement.

My son – being predictable got the pretzels and wings (medium)

BW3 pretzels.jpg

BW3 wings.jpg

That time, the pretzels were a smidgen overcooked and crunchy. Usually, they’re good. My son just didn’t care as much as I did and since he was the one eating them, I backed off and let it go (start singing).

True to MY predictive nature, I got Nachos and Onion Rings.

BW3 onion rings.jpg

BW3 nachos

The onion rings are awesome – if you’re in search of perfect ones, these are it. Crunchy and the onion doesn’t come out in one piece. #firstworldproblems.

The nachos, while good, aren’t perfect. Not enough “stuff” – I know it looks fully topped but it’s mostly lettuce. The cheese and chili is almost non-existent. They need sour cream, black olives and PICKLED jalapenos (not real ones). And, of course, guacamole. But, these will do in a nacho pinch.

I realize that it’s not fine dining but I do enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings – probably because I enjoy fun appetizers and the smell of buffalo sauce can always make my mouth water. I’m a simple girl.

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